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Larvesta (Pokémon)

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* Larvesta, along with its evolution, are the only known Pokémon with a double weakness to the {{type|Rock}} that are not {{type|Flying}}s.
** This makes it the Pokémon that can naturally take the most damage from [[entry hazard|entry hazards]], taking maximum damage from {{m|Stealth Rock}} and being affected by {{m|Spikes}}.
* Larvesta along with its evolution Volcarno are the only bug type Pokémon with [[Flame Body]] ability.
Larvesta is based on a {{wp|moth}} and the famed Japanese monument, the {{wp|Tower of the Sun}}. Larvesta appears to be based on an {{wp|Attacus atlas|Atlas moth}} larva. The way its red growths are shaped and positioned on its circular body may be a reference to the sun. It may also be based on a {{wp|torch}}.