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Volcarona (Pokémon)

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* Volcarona, along with its pre-evolution, are the only known Pokémon with a double weakness to the {{type|Rock}} that are not {{type|Flying}}s.
** This makes them the Pokémon that can naturally take the most damage from [[entry hazard|entry hazards]], taking maximum damage from {{m|Stealth Rock}} and being affected by {{m|Spikes}}.
* Volcarno along with its [[Larvesta|pre-evolution]] are the only bug type Pokémon to have [[Flame Body]] as their ability.
Volcarona is based on a moth, particularly the {{wp|Attacus atlas|Atlas moth}} or {{wp|Hyalophora cecropia|Cecropia Moth}}. Conceptually, it seems to be derived from the phrase "like a moth to a flame," which refers to the observed positive {{wp|phototaxis}} demonstrated by moths. It may be based on a {{wp|solar deity}}, a type of god said to be able to control various aspects of the sun such as sunrise, sunset, eclipses, position, etc, the black spots on its wings representing {{wp|sunspot|dark spots on the sun}}. Its wings may be based on the petals of a {{wp|Lilium lancifolium|tiger lily}}, having the same number of extensions, black spots, and red-orange coloring. The head and antennae of Volcarona bear a resemblance to the headpiece of {{wp|Hathor}}, which depicts the horns of the goddess cradling a disk representing the sun in between. Volcarona's appearance may also be loosely based on that of a {{wp|seraph}}, a type of angel that is often associated with fire, as its name literally translates to "burning one". Like Volcarona, seraphim are often depicted with six red wings and no legs. Its color scheme is very similar to some incarnations of {{wp|Mothra}}.