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Keldeo (Pokémon)

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* Due to Keldeo not being legitimately available in {{g|Black and White}} outside of events, the legendary Pokémon battle theme and the Swords of Justice intro can only play when Keldeo is battled in-game via [[cheating]].
* Keldeo is the lightest and smallest of the Swords of Justice.
* Like other members of Sword of Justice,it learns [[Close Combat]] at level 73.
Keldeo is most likely based on the legend of the {{wp|kelpie}}, a supernatural water horse that sometimes appeared as a lost pony. Keldeo is also likely based on the {{wp|Qilin|kirin}} also referred to as the "Chinese {{wp|unicorn}}" which are often depicted with a single backwards curving horn and posses the ability to walk on water. Keldeo also draw inspiration by the character of {{wp|d'Artagnan}} from the novel ''{{wp|The Three Musketeers}}''. Like d'Artagnan, it is the latest and youngest addition to the group. Keldeo's tail also resembles d'Artagnan's trademark feathered cap.