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Virizion (Pokémon)

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* Despite being genderless, Virizion is referred to as a female in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity]].
* Virizion is the only {{type|Grass}} [[legendary Pokémon]] that isn't an [[event Pokémon]].
* Like other members of Sword of Justice,it learns [[Close Combat]] at level 73.
Virizion appears to be based on the character of {{wp|Aramis}} from the novel ''{{wp|The Three Musketeers}}''. Like Aramis, it is the best at swordplay. Aramis in the novels was also the most feminine, vain, and romantic, qualities that Virizion possesses relative to its comrades. It physically resembles {{wp|antelope}}s, such as the {{wp|gerenuk}} or other species of {{wp|gazelle}}. It may also be based on female deer. Like its comrades, its nose resembles that of a sheep.