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Cobalion (Pokémon)

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* Cobalion has the highest {{stat|Defense}} base stat of all {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon.
* Of the [[Swords of Justice]], Cobalion is the only one with a type immunity, the only one whose English name is different from the official romanization of its Japanese name, and the only one which has a double resistance.
* Like other members of Sword of Justice,it learns [[Close Combat]] at level 73.
Cobalion appears to be based on the character of {{wp|Athos (fictional character)|Athos}} from the novel ''{{wp|The Three Musketeers}}''. Like Athos, Cobalion is the oldest and the ''de facto'' leader of the group. Like the others of its trio, its appearance is based on {{wp|ungulates}}. It bears close resemblance to a {{wp|markhor}} (a type of goat) and species of antelope such as the {{wp|Greater Kudu|greater kudu}} or {{wp|Common Eland|eland}}. Like the other members of its trio, its nose is shaped like that of a sheep or goat.