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|desc={{p|Mismagius}} is one of Fantina's main Pokémon, the Gym Leader having trained it since it was a {{p|Misdreavus}}. It was first seen battling [[Zoey]] and her {{TP|Zoey|Glameow}} in ''[[DP093|Playing The Leveling Field!]]'' where it was able to easily defeat the Catty Pokémon using Contest combination moves. It was seen later when Fantina was with Ash and his friends in the Pokémon Center.
It next appeared during the Gym battle against [[Ash's Infernape|Ash's Chimchar]] where, like Gengar, it was unable to withstand the Counter Shield and was eventually knocked out.
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|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc={{p|Gengar}} first appeared in a flashback in ''[[DP093|Playing The Leveling Field!]]''. It was the first Pokémon to be used during the Gym battle against {{Ash}} in ''[[DP102|Shield with a Twist!]]''. Gengar went up against {{AP|Buizel}} and Ash struggled against the quick Ghost-type, however Buizel was able to use the newly-developed Counter Shield technique and was able to defeat Gengar.
Gengar's known moves are {{m|Shadow Punch}}, {{m|Hypnosis}}, and {{m|Night Shade}} and its Ability is {{a|Levitate}}.}}