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I am a Pakistani Pokemon fan namely '''''Usman Khalil'''''.I came to Bulbapedia when I saw another person from Pakistan [[User:Adyniz|Adyniz]].By seeing his contributions to Bulbapedia,it became my wish to promote the Bulbapedia like he has promoted and contributed.Thats the reason of my arrival to Bulbapedia.
I like to watch {{wp|Dragon Ball}},{{wp|Beyblade}},[[Pokémon]] and {{wp|Doraemon}}.I have played all of the [[Pokémon games]] and mine favorite one is [[Pokémon Black 2]].The best side series game for me is [[Pokémon Conquest]].
I am new user here so I need the help of other experienced users.I will try my best to contribute to this wiki.