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Cilan (anime)

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He is also shown to be afraid of the paranormal which has made him a skeptic, preferring to find logical scientific explanations for everything, but when he can't find a logical explanation he is typically the first to flee. His love for science is later emphasized upon encountering a possible UFO sighting which leads to him meeting one of his mentors, [[Professor Icarus]]. Cilan also has a passion for sleuthing and will sometimes play detective. He even has a special hat that he wears and a magnifying glass. But he does more than just play as he was able to draw conclusions and come up with ideas in order to find the missing {{p|Audino}} in ''[[BW035|Where Did You Go, Audino?]]''.
In ''[[BW044|Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?]]'', it was revealed that Cilan also has a fear of {{p|Purrloin}}. He states that one of them did something terrible to him to which he refuses to talk about as he doesn't want to remember it.In ''[[BW125|Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!]]'' Cilan overcame his fear a little bit but still refused to talk about it.
He, like his brothers, often speaks about Pokémon in relation to their element; in Cilan's case, leaves and herbs. All the brothers tend to use hand positions like rock, paper, and scissors - Cilan emphasizes words using his fingers.