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Boomerang is a cable network owned by {{wp|Time Warner}}, operating as a sister station to Cartoon Network. Boomerang is well-known for airing many cartoons that came from the 20th century such as {{wp|The Flintstones}}, {{wp|The Jetsons}}, Popeye the Sailor Man, and The Yogi Bear Show, as well as older episodes of currently-running series, Pokémon among them. A full list is on {{wp|List of programs broadcast by Boomerang|Wikipedia}}. Boomerang was made shortly after the introduction of Cartoon Network in 1992. However, it was only a block on the network, and was not spun off into a channel until 2000. During its time as a block, it lasted for only a couple of hours at a time.
Boomerang first started airing episodes of the popular Pokémon series when it first aired the {{series|original}} in 2006, and after that in March of 2010. Currently, as of October 2012, the channel airs episodes of thefrom [[series|DiamondEP001]] &to Pearl series[[DP191]]. Episodes are currently airing at 6:30 PM {{wp|Eastern Time Zone|ET}}/{{wp|Pacific Time Zone|PT}} on weekdays.
Boomerang airs [[EP038|''Holiday Hi-Jynx'']], an anime episode that had been [[banned episodes|banned]].