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* The book ''[[Charizard, Go!]]'' is based on this episode.
* The events contained within this episode confound the logistics of Pokémon battles, implying that experience points are rewarded based upon whether one is ''declared a winner,'' not upon whether one's actions throughout a battle cause them to become stronger. In this respect, it would appear that experience points are not an abstraction for the purpose of game mechanics, but an actual, concrete effect in the Pokémon universe. However, experience points are rarely brought up afterwards.
* This is the first time Ash attempts to lose a battle. This doesn't happen again until ''[[DP030|Some Enchanted Sweetening!]]'' with the similarly typed {{p|Burmy}}. Oddly enough, Iris thinks he couldn't do just that in [[BW009|The Bloom is On Axew!]]'
* Parts of this episode were reanimated and used for flashback material for ''[[BW116|Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion]]''.