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This is long overdue. Later days, Bulbapedia.
Hey, I'm CuboneKing. I used to be an active contributor (and nuisance :P) to this wiki, but as my interest in Pokémon waned, so did my activity. I've gotten back into Pokémon since then, but havedidn't yetreally toever start editing at the rapid pace I used to again. ButThis Ihad guessbeen youan couldimportant saychapter in my life and has helped me mature in ways I can'mt slowlyexplain, returning.but Buteverything Ihas probablyto justcome jinxedto itan rightend thereeventually. Meh.If Userpageanyone willwould bestill like to contact backme, betterfor thanI everhave made some good friends here, beforeI'm longstill on the forums somewhat as CuboneKing as well. And, of course, if I dosee enda upgrammar/punctuation returningmistake, forI realwon't be able to resist correcting it. But, with all that aside... Later days, Bulbapedia.
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