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List of references to Pokémon in popular culture

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References in non-Pokémon games
| ''{{wp|The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind}}''
| style="text-align:left;" | This RPG has several Pokémon references, which include {{p|Marowak}}'s Spine in Illunibi or the body of Peke Utchoo (whose name is parody of {{p|Pikachu}}). In Arkngthand, there is a {{p|Weepinbell|Weepingbell}} Hall while in the Urshilaku Burial Caverns, there is a section known as {{p|Kakuna}} Burial.<ref>[ Morrowind:Easter Eggs on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages]</ref>
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| ''Epic Battle Fantasy''
| style="text-align:left;" | In the third game, one of the text for Game Over screen is ''"You are out of usable Pokémon... You [[Black out|blacked out]]!"'' In the fourth game, there is what seems to be dead {{p|Pikachu}} in Greenwood, plants using {{m|SolarBeam|Solar Beam}} as noted by Natalie, and Matt's comment upon weak attack in early game, ''"Generic bird monster uses {{m|Wing Attack|wing attack}}. [[Damage modification|It's not very effective.]]"
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