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{{Samename|Devon Goods|List of key items in Generation III#Devon Goods|Devon Goods}}
[[Image:Underground- merchant- locations DPPt.png|thumb|300px|Location of the {{tc|Hiker}}s who sell and buy spheres from players.]] '''Goods''' are the [[item]]s, such as dolls and desks, that are used to decorate the {{player}}'s [[The_Underground|underground]] [[Secret Base]] in [[Sinnoh]].
Merchants in various parts of the Underground buy and sell goods in exchange for [[Spheres]]. Some goods can also be obtained from a merchant on the fourth floor of the [[Veilstone Department Store]]. Certain goods are also received for free from [[Mr. Goods]] in [[Hearthome City]] and the [[Underground Man]] in [[Eterna City]], who give them as gifts when the {{player}} fulfills certain requirements.