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Apicot Berry

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An '''Apicot Berry''' (Japanese: '''ズアのみ''' ''Zua Fruit'') is a type of [[Berry]] that was introduced in [[Generation III]].
===[[Poffin]] cooking===
At 100% performance, an Apicot Berry can produce a Level 33 (probably higher) Dry-Sour Poffin when cooking alone.
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| width="160px" style="background: #{{dry color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:Dream Apicot Berry Sprite.png]]
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! style="{{roundytl|5px}}" | Language
! Name
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|ズアのみ ''Zua no Mi''
|From アンズ Anzu''anzu'', (Apricot)apricot.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Apicot Berry
|From ''apricot''.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Baie Abriko
|From ''abricot''.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|From ''Aprikose''.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|From ''albicocca''.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Baya Aricoc
|From ''albaricoque''.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|규살열매 ''Gyusal Yeolmae''
|From 살구 Salgu''salgu'', (Apricot)apricot.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
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[[Category:Stat-raising Berries]]
[[es:Baya Aricoc]]
[[fr:Baie Abriko]]