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After being captured by Tyson, {{Ash}} yells to be let out of the cell, and [[Jessie]] and [[James]] say that they're in charge of guarding the door. Finally, {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} wake up, but when Ash asks if Pikachu could break down the cell with a {{m|ThunderShock}}, Ash finds that he's still too weak to do any damage. With Pikachu now awake, Jessie and James say that they're now going to take him to the boss. Ash, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} hold their ground, but Jessie sends out {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} with a {{m|Poison Sting}} to break them up. Jessie tries to unlock Pikachu's restraint, but accidentally unlocks all of their restraints, allowing Ash to send out {{AP|Cyndaquil}} with a {{m|SmokeScreen}}. After the smoke clears, Jessie, James, Arbok, and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} find that they have been put into the restraints.
Now feeling better, {{MTR}} joins Jessie and James on the chase for the [[twerps]]. Arbok uses a Poison Sting to stop them and then Jessie orders Arbok to {{m|wrap}} them, but Arbok is blown away by [[Lance's Dragonite]]'s {{m|DragonThunder RageWave}}. Arbok tries to use {{m|Acid}}, but Dragonite's {{m|Twister}} sends them blasting off.
Lance tells the kids that the Evolution Inducement Ray has to be destroyed, so he hits it with Dragonite's {{m|Hyper Beam}}. Immediately afterward, Lance and the others get in the car and drive to Mahogany Town.
The trio continue following the Gyarados who is using Hyper Beam along the river side. Because Gyarados is heading straight for the center of town, Ash needs to do something quick. Ash tries to talk the Gyarados into becoming calm, but Gyarados tries to attack them with Hyper Beam. [[Pryce|An old man]] appears and orders his {{TP|Pryce|Dewgong}} to use {{m|Ice Beam}}, stopping Gyarados from going any further. He tells them that Pokémon and humans are not meant to be friends, and it's putting them in danger, but Gyarados turns away and goes into the opposite direction; Ash and {{ashfr}} follow.
Down the river, Lance's Dragonite is trying to fight the Gyarados. Eventually, with {{m|Thunder Wave}}, Twister and Hyper Beam, Gyarados faints, and Lance captures it with a [[Poké Ball]].
The episode ends with Team Rocket being sent to jail, and Lance flying off on his Dragonite with the trio waving goodbye.