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{{GlitchPkmnInfobox |
| name=PkMn (DC){{PK}}{{MN}} |
| image= None.png
| size=400px
| caption={{PK}}{{MN}}'s sprite
| species=Unknown
| typen=2
| type1=Normal
| type2=BlankGlitch
| games={{3v2|Red|Bluev2|Yellow}}
| footprint=
| hex=DC
| johtoguardndex=[[Ampharos]]202
| gendercodejohtoguard={{p|Ampharos}}
| catchrate= N/A
| generation=1
| gen1equivexists=yes
| gen1equivname=Glitch (DC)
| gen1equiv=RRB
PkMn (DC) is a dual {{t|Normal}} and Blank type glitch Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Yellow. It occupies hexadecimal slot DC and becomes [[Glitch (DC)]] if traded to Red and Blue. It can be obtained via the Johto guard glitch with Ampharos or trading [[Glitch (DC)]] from Pokémon Red and Blue. When attempting to encounter via a Gameshark or the Mew glitch with a Special stat of 220 the player will encounter a {{tc|Rocker}}.
'''{{stubPK}}{{MN}}''' is a dual-type {{2t|Normal|Glitch}} [[glitch Pokémon]] found in {{game|Yellow}}. It occupies hexadecimal slot DC and will become [[Glitch (DC)]] if traded to Red and Blue. {{PK}}{{MN}} can be obtained via the [[Johto guard glitch]], with {{P|Ampharos}}.
==Game data==
===Pokédex entry===
===Game locations===
type=Normal |
type2=Glitch |
gen=1 |
rbrarity=None |
rbarea=Becomes [[Glitch (DC)]] in {{v2|Red and Blue|s}} |
yrarity=Trade |
yarea=[[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Ampharos}}|
===Base stats===
{{stats/GenI |
HP=148 |
Attack=145 |
Defense=134 |
Special=128 |
Speed=139 |
typen=2 |
type=Normal |
===Type effectiveness===
====By [[level|leveling up]]====
====By [[TM]]/[[HM]]====
==External links==
[ On Glitch City Laboratories]
{{Project Glitchdex notice}}