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PkMn (DC)

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| caption=
| species=Unknown
| typen=12
| type1=Normal
| type2=Blank
| games={{3v2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}
| footprint=
| hex=DC
| johtoguard=[[Ampharos]]
| gendercode=
| catchrate= N/A
| generation=1
| gen1equivexists=yes
| gen1equivname=Glitch (DC)
| gen1equiv=R
PkMn (DC) is a dual {{t|Normal-}} and Blank- type glitch Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Yellow. It occupies hexadecimal slot DC and becomes [[Glitch (DC)]] if traded to Red and Blue. It can be obtained via the Johto guard glitch with Ampharos or trading [[Glitch (DC)]] from Pokémon Red and Blue. When attempting to encounter via a Gameshark or the Mew glitch with a Special stat of 220 the player will encounter a {{tc|Rocker}}.