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A '''link''' (Japanese: '''リンク''' ''link'') refers to the emotional bond between a [[Warrior]] and a Pokémon, featured in [[Pokémon Conquest]]. Affecting the strength of a Pokémon, and being measured in percentages with an upper limit of 100%, it is an analogue to the main series concept of [[level]]s.
The strength of a link, i.e. its percentage value, can be increased by fighting battles or visiting [[kingdom location]]s and battling the wild pokémon and/or the free wariors. The number of Pokémon with which a Warrior can share links at any time is dictated by his or her Capacity stat. Regardless of the number of Pokémon with which a Warrior has linked, only one can be used per battle. Each linked pokémon gets a medal once you link with it. The medals are bronze silver and gold. bronze is the medal you get if the pokémon is not that caracter's perfect link and that the player has linked with a 25%-50% accuracy. Silver is almost the exact same thing as bronze just instead of 25%-50% its 51%-75% accuracy. Gold is when that pokémon is that caracter's perfect link and has been linked with 76%-100% accuracy.
==Perfect Link==