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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
|epname=Big City Battles
|desc={{p|Amoonguss}} appearedwas whenfirst itused knockedby outa Team Plasma Grunt to knock {{adv|Bianca}} inunconscious orderso forthat ahe Plasma grunt to takecould awayliberate her {{p|Litwick}}. In the [[PS479|nextfollowing chapterround]], it{{adv|Black}} wasfollowed revealedthe thatspores it putleft Biancabehind to sleepfind without itswhere spores.Team {{adv|Black}}Plasma had abeen battlekeeping withthe itPokémon usingthey hiskidnapped. newlyAmoonguss evolveddi battle with Black's [[NiteBuoh|PigniteNite]], atbut thewas time andeasily defeated Amoonguss.from Ita ischop laterto seenthe battlinghead. againstDuring the normalattack trainerson inthe [[N'sPokémon Castle]]League, it was used alongside the other [[Seven Sages|Team Plasma Sages' Pokémon]] to to fend off several Trainers that were trying to rescue the captured Gym Leaders.
None of Amoonguss's onlymoves knownare move is {{m|Spore}}known.}}