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In the Pokémon Adventures manga: Approved by Zesty
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Bronius appears in ''[[ABW19|The Case of the Missing Pokémon]]'', when he was responsible for the kidnapping of various Pokémon in [[Castelia City]], including {{adv|Bianca}}'s {{p|Litwick}}. When he is found at a building right next to the Pokémon [[Gym]], which is "the root of the human evil" in his words, he reveals that Team Plasma intends to bring "the [[N|hero]] and the {{p|Zekrom|black lightning bolt}}" to [[Unova]].
|trainer=Plasma Grunt
|img=TP Amoonguss Adventures.png
|epname=Big City Battles
|desc={{p|Amoonguss}} appeared when it knocked out {{adv|Bianca}} in order for a Plasma grunt to take away her {{p|Litwick}}. In the [[PS479|next chapter]], it was revealed that it put Bianca to sleep with its spores. {{adv|Black}} had a battle with it using his newly evolved [[Nite|Pignite]] at the time and defeated Amoonguss. It is later seen battling against the normal trainers in [[N's Castle]] alongside the other [[Seven Sages|Team Plasma Sages' Pokémon]].
Amoonguss's only known move is {{m|Spore}}.}}