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==Magmar and Metronome==
Just looked it up on several sites, including Bulbapedia, and none of them say Magmar learn Metronome. I don't have LG to go see if it's true, but if a lot of sites say it.. then no. {{ani|281}}[[User:TinaTheKirlia|<span style="color:#E75480;">T</span><span style="color:#FF69B4;">i</span><span style="color:#F6ADC6;">n</span><span style="color:#FFC0CB;">a</span>]]<sup>[[User:TinaTheKirlia/Sandbox|<span style="color:#FFC0CB;">☆</span>]][[User:TinaTheKirlia/Favorites|<span style="color:#F6ADC6;">♥</span>]][[User talk:TinaTheKirlia|<span style="color:#FF69B4;">♫</span>]]{{Ani|380}}</sup> 00:48, 29 October 2007 (UTC)
== Dawn's Buizel ==
Hey! I've put that stuff on [[Dawn's Buizel]] once. After it was removed, I didn't do nothing. --[[Image:Ani154MS.gif|32px]]'''[[User:Netto-kun|<span style="color:#006">Netto</span>]][[User talk:Netto-kun|<span style="color:#006">-kun</span>]]'''[[Image:Ani394MS.gif|32px]] 00:00, 30 October 2007 (UTC)
== [[Melodi]] ==