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List of Pokémon Conquest items

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This is a page for all items that appear in [[Pokémon Conquest]].
These items can be purchased and sold at Shops, aswhile wellsome asmay beingalso be found on battlefields, dropped by enemy [[Warrior]]s and [[wild Pokémon]], from combining items andor from various in-game events. TheSome items can be equipped onto a Warrior to be used to help their Pokémon in battle. The price in which these items can be bought or sold at depends on the Warrior's Charisma,. There is a 10% increase to sell and decrease to buy at 60 Charisma with aan additional 5% change every 10 levels, with a maxmaximum of 30% difference at 100 Charisma. There are no price differencedifferences when buying/ or selling atfrom a Traveling Merchant.
==Pokémon Conquest exclusive items==
==Other items in Pokémon Conquest==
These are [[held item]]s that are from the [[main series]] of the Pokémon games that appearsalso appear in Pokémon Conquest.
===Single-use held items===