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Hey everyone, it's MasterZ. I've always been a Pokémon fan, and I've always used Bulbapedia to improve my games and find Pokémon I didn't previously own. I first joined when I saw that the description for the [[Key Item]] [[Grubby Hanky]] was empty, and I knew that it needed to be filled in. It was going to be a one-time thing, but I edit what I think is necessary.
==PokemonPokémon Games I currently own and played==
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{{User Starter|Spr_2s_155|Cyndaquil}}
{{User Starter|Spr_5b_498|Tepig}}
{{User Champion|B2}}
==Spin-off Games I currently own==
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{{User Mystery Dungeon Blue}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky}}
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