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List of references to Pokémon in popular culture

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References in TV, movies and radio
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| rowspan="1112" | ''{{wp|MAD (TV series)|MAD}}''
| ''2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime''
| style="text-align:left;" | In the "{{wp|Grey's Anatomy|Grey's}} In Anime" skit, {{wp|Derek Shepherd|Derek Shepherd}} (who wears a hat similar to Ash's) throws a [[Poké Ball]]-esque object, and a Pikachu lookalike, known as "Checkaflu", shocks the patient as the doctor says "clear!"
| ''Les the Miz / The Lex Factor''
| style="text-align:left;" | This episode featured a skit parodying ''{{wp|The More You Know}}'' titled "The Less You Know". In this skit, the announcer claimed that Poké Balls were able to hold Pokémon because they're airtight, with a {{pkmn|Trainer}} resembling [[Misty]] expressing disgust at the stench left behind after sending out her [[Squirtle]].
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| ''Jaws the Great and Powerful / Off Their Spockers''
| style="text-align:left;" | This episode featured a skit called "[[Psyduck]]" where a man and a Psyduck went around solving mysteries, with the tagline "They'll pretty much let anything be a cop these days".
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