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Moves commonly associated with certain Pokémon
* {{p|Jolteon}} and {{p|Vaporeon}}'s signature moves are said to be '''{{m|Pin Missile}}''' and '''{{m|Acid Armor}}''', respectively. Both abilities are alluded to in both Pokémon's various Pokédex entries. However, many Pokémon learn both moves by leveling up, and some through {{pkmn|breeding}}. Likewise, {{p|Umbreon}}'s '''{{m|Moonlight}}''' matches {{p|Espeon}}'s '''{{m|Morning Sun}}''', though others can learn it even in its introductory generation.
* {{p|Suicune}}, being known as the Aurora Pokémon, is associated with the move '''{{m|Aurora Beam}}'''.
* Although {{p|Clefairy}} can learn '''{{m|Meteor Mash}}''' by leveling up in any Generation III game, the only Pokémon that could have it legitimately before release of {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}} were {{p|Metang}} and its evolved form, {{p|Metagross}}.
* {{p|Ditto}} has '''{{m|Transform}}''' as its only move and is most associated with it; however, {{p|Mew}} is also able to learn it.
* Until Generation III, {{p|Koffing}} and {{p|Weezing}} were the only Poison-type Pokémon capable of learning '''{{m|Smog}}'''. As of Generation V, they are still the only Poison types to learn the move naturally, and all other Poison types must be bred the move to have it.