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List of Pokémon Conquest items

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Assuming that you've actually tested every single requisite listed, and proved them necessary
|effect=Raises Power, Wisdom and Charisma of the Warrior by 10. Greatly raises Attack of the Pokémon. {{p|Dialga}} will appear in [[Valora]]a random kingdom the next month when equipped.
|descconquest=Improves various stats. Can only be used by [[Tadakatsu]].
|locconquest=TheHave player has to have Ieyasu and Ina at Rank 2 Tadakatsu, have all facilities upgraded to Lv. 3 in50 [[ValoraWarrior]], and have more than 50 warriorss in the army., Whenincluding an[[Ieyasu]], event occurs after advancing a month[[Ina]], theand playerRank should equipII [[Tadakatsu]]. withHave anall Unifier[[Valora]] Crysyal,kingdom thenlocations advanceat anotherlevel month. Dialga will appear in a random kingdom3.