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Trivia: Pure speculation.
[[File:Recurring stone tablet.png|thumb|right|270px|The recurring stone tablet]]
[[File:Unknown Pokemopolis Pokemon Artifact.png|thumb|left|200px|Unreleased Pokémon]]
* [[Professor Oak's lecture]]: {{p|Rapidash}}
** Pokémon senryū summary: Cold winter; if {{p|Rapidash}} was here, it would be warm.
* This episode is one of the very few where Team Rocket doesn't blast off.
* This episode is featured on the ''Volume 2: Jigglypuff'' copy of [[Pokémon All-Stars]].
* While examining the various artifacts inside the tent, {{an|Brock}} is seen holding a carving of an [[Prototype Pokémon and characters|unused Pokémon]].