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[[File:Tyson Winning.png|230px|thumb|Tyson with the Ever Grande Championship Trophy]]
In ''[[AG129AG128|Shocks and Bonds]]'', Tyson went up against [[Johnny]] with {{p|Sceptile}} and {{p|Aggron}} remaining as {{p|Donphan}} and {{p|Blastoise}} were already knocked out by the time Ash and company arrived to watch his battle. Tyson was able to defeat Johnny when Sceptile successfully used {{m|SolarBeam}} on Aggron.
He then watched the six-on-six battle between Ash and his opponent, [[Katie]].
|vajp=Daisuke Sakaguchi
|vaen=Darren Dunstan
|desc=Tyson's {{p|Sceptile}} was first seen in ''[[AG129AG128|Shocks and Bonds]]'' where it was battling [[Johnny]]'s {{p|Aggron}} and {{p|Blastoise}} along with {{p|Donphan}}. By the time Ash arrived, Donphan and Blastoise had been defeated and Sceptile was in battle with Aggron one-on-one. Tyson and Sceptile proved to be a very tactical combination,and won by {{m|detect}}ing Aggron's {{m|Metal Claw}} before each one struck and sidestepping them. Once Aggron used {{m|Harden}}, Sceptile charged up a {{m|SolarBeam}} and flattened Aggron in one hit.
In ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'', Sceptile was easily defeating a {{p|Rhydon}} and advancing Tyson into the top eight. It was then seen training for the battle against Ash, before being Tyson's opening Pokémon against Ash's {{AP|Glalie}}. Sceptile launched the SolarBeam which had served it so well in the past, which clashed with Glalie's {{m|Ice Beam}} and caused a devastating explosion. In [[AG131|the next episode]], it was revealed that the explosion had [[Fainting|knocked out]] both Sceptile and Glalie.