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2010 World Championships

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[[File:Pokémon World Championships 2010 logo.png|thumb|right|250px|Logo]]
The '''2010 Pokémon World Championships''' was held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in {{wp|Waikoloa Village, Hawaii}} from August 13th-15th13 to 15, 2010. The annual invitation-only event was the seventh World Championships event hosted by [[Play! Pokémon]], the renamed organizing group for Pokémon Organized Play, and marked the second to officially accommodate both the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] World Championships and the Pokémon Video Game World Championships.
==Trading Card Game Championships==
The TCG World Championships used the {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}-onwards Modified format for the second time.
The second day of the tournament featured seven rounds of Swiss Pairings for the two younger divisions, using eight rounds for the Masters Division. The top 16 players in Juniors and Seniors, as well as the top 32 players in Masters, were then seeded into single-elimination tournaments on Sunday to determine each division’s World Champion.
===Junior Division===
Tsubasa Nakamura, of Japan, was the defending Junior Division TCG World Champion. Tsubasa finished in 11th place, losing to Koichi Nishida in the Round of 16.
Yuka Furusawa, also of Japan, succeeded Tsubasa as World Champion, finishing the tournament 9-2, as well as playing his way into the tournament via the Last Chance Qualifier.
===Senior Division===
Takuto Itagaki, of Japan, was the defending Senior Division TCG World Champion. Takuto finished in 12th place, losing to Toya Nishimaki in the Round of 16.
Jacob Lesage, the Canadian National Champion, succeeded Takuto as World Champion, finishing the tournament 10-1.