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Primal Dialga

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Dialga made two very brief appearances in ''[[SS021|Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness]]''. It first appeared in its normal appearance in the introduction and it also appeared at the end of the special as Primal Dialga, as a mere silhouette.
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing Exploration Team manga===
[[File:Primal Dialga BET.png|thumb|200px|right|Primal Dialga in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing Exploration Team]]
Primal Dialga appears as a major antagonist in this manga, serving the same role he has in the games. He first makes his appearance in the Dark Future, where Dusknoir takes him to attack [[Honō]], {{OBP|Totodile|Blazing Exploration Team}}, and Grovyle. Despite Dialga's intimidating presence, Honō is unfazed by it and attempts to attack, only to be retaliated with a blast of energy. Having no choice, the group attempts to use Celebi's powers to escape back in time, only for Dialga to make their efforts pointless with its own control over time.
After managing to get back in time when Celebi sacrifices herself, Honō and Totodile make their way to the Temporal Tower so that they can prevent the present-day Dialga from turning into its destructive Primal form. Upon arriving, they encounter a much less violent Dialga, who believes that the two are attempting to the destroy the tower and plans on stopping them. During the battle, the tower continuously collapses, causing Dialga pain and turning him into the feral Primal Dialga little by little.
After a long battle, Dialga is finally defeated when Totodile puts the five Time Gears into their slots, fixing the Temporal Tower and turning Dialga back to normal. Now back to normal, he thanks the two for their courage to stand up to him. When the result of changing history causes Honō to disappear from existence, Dialga uses his power to bring him back to life once he senses how sad Totodile was.