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'''Wii''' (Japanese: '''ウィー''' ''Wii'') is [[Nintendo]]'s seventh-generation console, which serves as the company's competition for Sony's {{wp|PlayStation 3}} and Microsoft's {{wp|Xbox 360}}. Its handheld counterpart is the [[Nintendo DS]]. The [[Nintendo 3DS]] has the same graphical and CPU capabilities as it. It, likeLike its predecessor, the [[Nintendo GameCube]], the Wii is able to connect to software titles on the handheld of this generation, the [[Nintendo DS]],; has a Pokémon game that serves as a battle arena for the [[Generation IV]] Pokémon games—in this case, [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]],; and also has a storage system—in this case,system: [[My Pokémon Ranch]]. It was succeeded by the [[Wii U]], which is backwards-compatible towith all Wii games and controllers.
[[File:Wii Remote pink.png|thumb|left|200px|A pink Wii Remote]]
[[File:Wii Nunchuk black.png|thumb|left|200px|A black Nunchuk]]
The Wii's controller design is a strange and revolutionary one,unconventional; instead of taking the dual-control-stick layout of the previous generation like its competitors, it is in a remote control form, with attachments available to work with compatible games, such as a control stick on a Nunchuk attachment, or the Classic Controller, which takes on a layout similar to the other consoles' main controllercontrollers. The Wii Remote is wireless, and features manysuch innovations such as motion and tilt sensing, a first for game controllers. The motion sensor requires a bar to be placed on the top or bottom of the screen. TheIts sensitivity can be enhanced with {{nw|Wii Motion-Plus}}, although currently it is not compatible with any [[Pokémon games]].
===Wii Menu===
[[File:Disc channel.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Wii Disc Channel]]
The console features a custom GUI made up of different—anddifferent expandable—channels- and expandable - channels, all of which, save the Disc Channel, can be moved around to any of the 47 spaces available on the main menu. New channels can be downloaded via the Wii Shop Channel, includingand include an aInternet browser and games from older systems playable via Virtual Console. The channels can be put on an SD card, and with the introduction of Wii Menu 3.3, SD Card menus can be accessed straight from the main onemenu.
The Wii also has the ability to send messages to and from other devices, so long as the Wii sends out thean first message, aninitial address book confirmation message, to the email address or cell phone number in question. When the recipient replies to the Wii's message, communication between the two devices will be active, and via WiiConnect24, others can leave messages for players of the console on its message board from anywhere in the world.
===Backward compatibility===
The Wii is also backwards-compatible with all GameCube games, as well as with most of GameCube's accessories, such as the controllers, memory cards, GameCube -to -GBA cables, and microphone. It is not compatible with the {{wp|Rumble Pak}} or the [[Game Boy Player]].
==Technical specs==
====GameCube games====
Because the Wii features backwards compatibility with the majority of [[Nintendo GameCube]] hardware, all Pokémon games onfor the GameCube are also playable on the Wii; however, the Wii is not compatible with the [[Game Boy Player]].
===Wii Mini===
[[File:Wii Mini.png|thumb|Wii Mini]]
The Wii Mini is a special model of Wii that removes features from the Wii so it can be sold at a lower price. It is not compatible with [[Nintendo GameCube]] games or hardware, has no online functions, and does not have an {{wp|Secure Digital|SD card}} slot, restricting the console to only playing games from Wii game discs. It also only has one {{wp|Universal Serial Bus|USB port}} rather than the two on the original Wii, and can only use {{wp|composite video}} cables rather than the {{wp|S-Video}} and {{wp|component video}} cables used by the original Wii. It was released in Canada on December 7, 2012 and will be released in Europe on March 22, 2013.
[[File:DPTV.png|thumb|right|200px|Wii in [[Generation IV]]]]
* Players have a Wii in their [[bedroom]] in [[Generation IV]] and [[Generation V]]. In {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, {{ga|Barry}} has a Wii in his room, tooas well. In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, the player's alternate-gender counterpart, {{ga|Red}}, and {{ga|Blue}} each have a Wii. There is also a Wii next to a TV on the [[S.S. Aqua]].
** In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, in [[the Underground]], there is a Wii decoration, titled "game system", for the player's [[secret base]].
** The player character's bedroom in {{g|Ranger: Shadows of Almia}} has a Wii next to the TV set in [[Chicole Village]].