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[[File:Virgil Winning.png|200px|right|thumb|Virgil, with the Vertress Championship Trophy]]
He went to Jeff in his office and asked him about where Davy was going. After Jeff told him the details regarding the mission, he noticed on the monitor that Davy was trapped inside the control house of the dam. Virgil, along with the group, headed to the dam while Jeff stayed behind in his office. When he arrived at the reservoir taken over by wild Cryogonal, he was able to get inside the building with the help of his Pokémon. He navigated the building using Umbreon's {{m|Flash}} and found the main generator. He deduced the fact that the batteries were low on the generator, which was the result of the power outage. Ash and Virgil worked together to get the generator up and running with the help of their {{type|Electric}} Pokémon. When they eventually got outside again, they got attacked by the wild Cryogonal. Ash stalled one of them while Virgil went off to rescue Davy. However, now he got attacked by another Cryogonal as well. After that, three more Cryogonal chased Ash, {{ashfr}}, and {{AP|Pignite}}. Virgil had his Pokémon attack them, but was stopped by Davy, who revealed that another Cryogonal was stuck inside the pipes of the control house. Davy freed that Cryogonal and it happily reunited with other five outside. The Cryogonal then flew off. Virgil and Davy worked together to melt the ice in the reservoir of the dam. Later, Virgil revealed that he intended to enter the Unova League too, making him another one of Ash's rivals.
[[File:Virgil Eeveelutions.png|350px|left|thumb|Virgil's [[EeveelutionsEeveelution|Team Eevee]]]]
He reappeared in ''[[BW103|Curtain Up, Unova League!]]'' to take part in the [[Vertress Conference]]. There, he got some words of encouragement from Davy, with Virgil promising to make Jeff proud. Afterwards, he met up with Ash, his friends and all of Ash's other rivals in [[Unova]]. He sticks with Ash and his friends while they go to registration and meet up with {{un|Cameron}}. In the first round, he gets paired up with [[Ultimo]] where he used his {{p|Vaporeon}} to battle against Ultimo's {{p|Crustle}}. The battle continued in ''[[BW104|Mission: Defeat Your Rival!]]'', and he won, allowing him to move onto the next round. Unlike the other rivals when they finished their matches, he was not present when Ash was battling Trip.