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'''Pokémon Festa''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンフェスタ''' ''Pokémon Festa'') is an annual convention held throughout various locations in Japan. It is sanctioned by [[Nintendo]] and features events, games, shopping, and previews of upcoming games and movies.
==2002 Pokémon Festa event2002==
The 2002 event gave further information about the games Pokémon {{2v2|Ruby|Sapphire}}. Those who came to the event were given the opportunity of playing through a demo of the games. The features of this demo were limited however, for example the [[Pretty Petal Flower Shop|Flower Shop]] was always closed.
==Pokémon Festa 2007: Pokémon PalCity==
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Pokémon Festa 2007: Pokémon PalCity will host the Pokémon League 2007 (a game tournament), a TCG tournament, as well as giveaways of [[PalCity Mew]], [[PalCity Manaphy|Manaphy]] and [[PalCity Lucario|Lucario]] that have learnt special moves. There was a scaled-up version of the safari attraction from {{OBP|PokéPark|theme park}}, where participants can capture Pokémon using {{ball|Safari}}s in the [[Great Marsh]]. There was also an interactive theater, ''[[Alamos Town]] Fireworks Display'', where the story changes in accordance to the votes of the audience.
===Locations and dates===
Pokémon Pal City toured six locations throughout Japan. The event was be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all dates.
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! Dates
! Location
! Prefecture
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| July 15 - 16
| {{wp|Fukuoka Dome|Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome}}
| {{wp|Fukuoka}}
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| July 28 - 29
| {{wp|Sapporo Community Dome|Tsudōmu}}
| {{wp|Hokkaido}}
|- style="background: #fff"
| August 3 - 5
| {{wp|Makuhari Messe}}
| {{wp|Chiba Prefecture}}
|- style="background: #fff"
| August 10 - 12
| {{jwp|名古屋市国際展示場|Nagoya Port Messe}}
| {{wp|Aichi Prefecture}}
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| August 17 - 19
| {{wp|Pacifico Yokohama}}
| {{wp|Kanagawa Prefecture}}
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| August 31 - September 2
| {{wp|Osaka Dome|Kyocera Dome Osaka}}
| {{wp|Osaka Prefecture}}
==Pokémon Festa 2008==
{{bulbanews|The Pokémon Company locks out security threats and foreign visitors}}
{{bulbanews|Pokémon Festa reveals new Platinum trailer}}
Pokémon Festa 2008 was held from August 9 to 14, 2008 at {{wp|Pacifico Yokohama}} and from August 23 to 26, 2008 at the {{wp|Osaka Dome|Kyocera Dome Osaka}}. Due to security concerns after TCG events [[n:Japanese TCG events closed due to threats|received threats]], the event was only open to [[Pokémon Daisuki Club]] members. Attendance required payment and there was a bag check upon entry. [ A trailer] for {{game|Platinum}} was unveiled at the event.