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'''Link is the level of the [[warrior]]'s Pokémon which get link by fighting the wild Pokémon in a kingdom or other warriors. Once the Pokémon get enough link the player's Pokémon does a perfect link. When link reaches 1% more than it was before it does a link up which' is esentiallythe aemotional levelbond up. The Pokémon getbetween a medal when it reaches a certain amount of link. The Pokémon however do not get link if they are defeated. [[PonigiriWarrior]] isand another way to get link with atheir Pokémon.
{{stub}}Link can be increased by fighting [[wild Pokémon]] or other Warriors, or by feeding the Pokémon [[ponigiri]]. Pokémon do gain link if they are defeated. When link increases by 1%, it causes a link up, which is equivalent to [[level]]ing up in the [[main series]] games. Once the Pokémon's link reaches 100%, it becomes a [[Perfect Link]]. Each Warrior has specific Pokémon they can achieve a Perfect Link with.
The more link the player has the better stats and bonuses they get. Stats increase for each 1% of the link goes up.
==Perfect Link==
A Perfect Link occurs when a Warrior has 100% link with their Perfect Link Pokémon. Each Warrior has specific Pokémon they can achieve a Perfect Link with.
Perfect Link gives the player and NPCs a boost whenever they are in battle unless they are defeated. Perfect Links are only established after a battle has finished, where the player comments about their Perfect Link partner, then that Pokémon receives a medal.
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