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Tropius (Pokémon)

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Physiology: Copied from wikipedia
Tropius's natural habitat is the jungles of the southern tropics. It is a frugivore. It is theorized that Tropius's love of fruit eventually resulted in the species incorporating fruit as part of its very anatomy: bunches of banana-like fruit can be seen growing under a Tropius's neck. These fruit are deliciously sweet and particularly popular among the children in south tropical villages, who eat it as snacks. It may also be that Tropius eats so much fruit that it gets an excess of vitamins and minerals, so it grows fruit to get rid of excess nutrients.
Tropius also has broad leaves on its back, which, if flapped hard enough, can be used as wings, enabling this bulky Pokémon to fly. Tropius' design may be based somewhat on the legendary creature, Mokele Mbembe. The connection is further evidenced by Tropius' diminutive size compared to other sauropods and the fact that it is found in the wild and not as a fossil.
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