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The anime has given a more in-depth history of human interaction with Pokémon than is given by the games: In [[PokéThe BallBirth of Mewtwo]]s, forradio exampledrama, it is implied that Pokémon came into the world after the human species did. [[Poké Ball]]s have not existed forever, and are in reality an apparently recent development, with one owned by a young {{an|Professor Oak}} being shown to be vastly different than ones used in modern times.
Prior to the invention and mass-production of Poké Balls, people tended to use hollowed-out [[Apricorn]]s, native to the [[Johto]] region, to capture Pokémon, while even further back, Pokémon were not known as "Pokémon" at all, but as "magical creatures" (Japanese: 魔獣 ''majuu''). In these times, many Pokémon were apparently feared because of their powers, sometimes so great that the most powerful of these monsters [[legendary Pokémon|passed into legend]] and were often seen as {{wp|deity|deities}} in their own right.