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Eevee brothers

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* Sparky has the same voice actor in both English and Japanese as [[Chopper]], and Rainer has the same voice actor in both English and Japanese as both [[Scuz]] and [[Pete Pebbleman]].
* The Eevee brothers have no representation in their family of the [[Eeveelution]]s debuting after [[Generation I]]. There was originally [[fanon]] speculation that something might be done to correct this, but like many [[character of the day|characters of the day]], the Eevee brothers have made no reappearance in the [[Pokémon anime]] since their debut episode.
* This was not the only group of siblings training Eeveelutions to appear on the Pokémon anime. When {{Ash}} and his friends went to [[Johto]], they met the [[Kimono Girl|Kimono Sisters]] who, like their counterparts in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}, each trained one of the five evolutions. Unlike the Eevee brothers, though, they had no representation in their family of Eevee itself, unless one counts [[Sakura]]'s {{TP|Sakura|Eevee|Espeon}}, which later evolved into {{p|Espeon}}.
* The name [[Sparky]] was used again in the anime as the name of [[Sparky|Ritchie's Pikachu]].
* Oddly, at the time of the episode, Ash, Misty, and Brock each had a Pokémon with them that could evolve via one of the [[evolutionary stone]]s that are used by Eevee to evolve. {{TP|Ash|Pikachu}} evolves with the {{evostone|Thunderstone}}, {{TP|Brock|Vulpix}} evolves with the {{evostone|Fire Stone}}, and {{TP|Misty|Staryu}} evolves with a {{evostone|Water Stone}}. Pyro and Sparky offer a Fire Stone to Brock and a Thunderstone to Ash in hopes that they will evolve their Pokémon, but Rainer never offers a Water Stone to Misty, most likely because she already has a {{TP|Misty|Starmie}}.
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