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Luxuria Town

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In other languages
Luxuria Town, like [[Accumula Town]], has its own [[Battle Club]] which is run by the local [[Don George]]. {{Ash}} battled [[Trip]] here and lost. [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{TR|Meowth}} were supposed to meet [[Pierce]] of [[Team Rocket]] at a garbage dump. Soon, [[Officer Jenny]] and the police had followed them there and tried to intercept them. However, Pierce came and escaped with the trio.
==In other languagesNames==
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! style="{{roundytl|5px}};" | Language
! Name
! style="{{roundytr|5px}};" | Origin
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| Japanese
| カレントタウン ''Current Town''
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| English
| Luxuria Town
| Possibly from ''luxury''
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| French
| Luxuriaville
| From its English name.
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| German
| Pracht-Stadt
| Literally "Splendor City".
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| Spanish
| From ''lujoso'', luxurious.
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| Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan}})
| 卡蓮多鎮 ''Kǎliánduō Zhèn''
| Transliteration of its Japanese name.