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Throughout the Chocovine Contest, she remained critical of Dawn's performance. She and Dawn met in the finals, having defeated [[Jessie]] and {{TP|James|Carnivine}} to do so. Ultimately, however, Ursula lost to Dawn, thinking that only the time limit prevented her from pulling off a win.
She reappeared in ''[[DP161|Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn!]]'' and ''[[DP162|Playing the Performance Encore!]]'', competing in the Contest in [[Daybreak Town]]. After gaining the upper hand in the final match of the Contest by using her {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}} effectively, she eventually lost to Dawn and thus the Contest as well. She obtained her fifth Ribbon prior to ''[[DP174|Last Call, First Round!]]'', where she was shown to have two new Pokémon: {{p|Eevee}}, both of which evolve into {{p|Vaporeon}} and {{p|Flareon}} as part of her appeal in the Grand Festival.
Ursula's unique appeal easily ensured her progression into the Top 32, where she discovered she would have to battle Dawn yet again. This time, Ursula used Gabite and Flareon against Dawn's {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} and {{TP|Dawn|Mamoswine}}. During the battle, Ursula was able to create some good combinations (including a {{m|Sand Tomb}}-{{m|Scary Face}} combination move that caused Mamoswine to lose its confidence briefly). However her determination to defeat Dawn eventually caused her downfall as she allowed Gabite and Flareon to be struck by Dawn's newly improvised move ''Ice Chandelier'' which knocked them both out thereby eliminating Ursula from the tournament.