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Terracotta Town

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'''Terracotta Town''' (Japanese: '''トネリコタウン''' ''Toneriko Town'') is a large, anime-exclusive town in [[Kanto]]. It is visited by {{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}}, {{an|May}} and [[Max]] in ''[[AG191|Once More with Reeling!]]''. It is possible the town is located near [[Pewter City]] and [[Pallet Town]].
[[File:Terracotta Contest Hall.png|thumb|left|Terracotta Contest Hall]]
The seaside town is situated below a range of steep cliffs, resulting in several rivers which the town has cultivated around. The town is shown to host a festival known as the ''Terracotta Town Contest Festival'', in which the streets are decorated with streamers and bustling with concessionary stands. More importantly around this time, the town is known to play host to unofficial [[Pokémon Contest]]s.