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Trivia: I don't know if the tree thing was fixed in the US release but it says "You can't use that here." Or am I attempting to Surf on the wrong tree (the one inside the theater on the far right, which it claims)
* If a [[Shiny Pokémon]] with the star animation is sent out, the Pokémon's Shiny animation will not play. However, it will still retain its Shininess.
** This also applies to any of [[N's Pokémon]].
* It is possible to [[{{m|Surf]]}} in a tree to the far right of Pokéstar Studios movie viewing area.{{fact}}
* The Pokéstar Studios are the only place in the main series games in which the [[player character]] is shown speaking, unless if one counts the debatable [[Copycat (character)|Copycat]] dialogue.