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Saffron Gym

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* For unknown reasons, the Saffron Gym is the fourth Gym in the {{pkmn|anime}}, but the sixth Gym in the {{pkmn|games}}.
** However, in the [[Generation I]] and [[Generation III]] games, it is possible to defeat [[Sabrina]] before obtaining any more than three Badges, as it is accessible through [[Vermilion City]].
** It is also possible, to defeat [[Sabrina]] as the seventh gymGym leaderLeader, as it{{m|Surf}} iscan thatbe onceused obtainingoutside of battle to reach the [[SoulCinnabar BadgeIsland]], one can surf toand [[Cinnabar IslandBlaine]]'s withoutGym needingright after obtaining the [[{{badge|Soul Badge]]}}.
* The connections between the teleporters in the Gym is the same in all generations, though [[Generation IV]] adds a one-way teleporter from Sabrina's room to the entrance room.