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Site Organization
====Bulbagarden forums (BMGf)====
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Bulbagarden forums is the oldest of the four core project, and the only one that was part of the new site immediately when it was launched. It was established in late 2002, and opened to the public on January 1, 2003. Its primary purpose is to provide a discussion forums for pokémonPokémon fans to discuss all aspects of the fandom, as well as to provide a location for staff members of the various projects to interact with one another. The project head of Bulbagarden forums is known as the ''Head administrator''.
Bulbapedia was the second core project to be established, in late 2004, and is by far the most popular one according to Alexa rankings. It was created as an alternative to a traditional pokémonPokémon fansite, allowing users to both access and edit information. Its project leader is the [[Bulbapedia:{{bp|Editor-in-chief]]Chief}} or ''EiC'', and it uses green as its main color.
Bulbanews was established shortly after Bulbapedia, in early 2005, to provide a community news source for pokemonPokémon fans. Although the original concept relied on users submitting news articles that would be approved by the staff, the concept later evolved toward the use of dedicated news writers. Its project leader is the Bulbanews Editor-in-chiefChief.
====Bulbagarden Social Medias====
Bulbagarden Social Medias was created in early 2013, with the aim to coordinate efforts to establish and maintain a strong Bulbagarden presence across the major social media sites, such as {{wp|twitter}}, {{wp|facebook}} and {{wp|tumblr}}. The project is still in its infancy, and working on building its initial staff, although its first project leader (''social media coordinator'') has already been appointed.
===Other projects===
====BulbaNews Now (BNN)====
BulbaNews Now was created in 2012 during the months leading to the release of [[Pokémon Black and White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2]], to provide Bulbagarden with a better tool for handling breaking news stories and major rumors (Bulbanews itself being focused on slower, more in-depth reporting). It works closely with both Bulbagarden Social Medias (as a tool to help spread breaking news), and with Bulbanews itself, which can follow news stories in more depth after Bulbanews break them. The head of BulbaNews Now is identified simply as the Editor, or BNN Editor.
====Bulbagarden Archives====
{{main|Bulbagarden Archives}}
Bulbagarden archives is a file-hosting system that was created in early 2005 to support Bulbapedia and Bulbanews by providing a common repository for images and other files that the two projects may need to link to, such as [[Pokémon anime]] screenshots and [[Pokémon TCGTrading Card Game]] cards images. The head of Bulbagarden archives is known as the Archive liaison.