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{{adv|Ruby}} realizes that the Pokémon {{adv|Sapphire}} is holding is the one he learned about from [[Mr. Briney]]. According to what he had heard, Ruby figures out that no one seems to know that Sapphire's {{pDL|RelicanthSapphire (Adventures)|Relo}} can help them find their opponents. He decides to go outside and mull over what to do, but notices {{adv|Mimi}} flopping around in the water. Ruby rescues her with the help of {{pDL|CastformRuby (Adventures)|Popo}}, only to find out that he only rescued a {{p|Magikarp}}.
Ruby hears a voice calling out for the Magikarp, which turns out to belong to a young boy. Ruby returns the Magikarp to the boy, who turns out to be blind. The boy thanks Ruby for saving his Magikarp and expresses envy for his skills as a Trainer. The boy states that if he had skills like Ruby did, he would use them to help people.
Although Ruby expresses joy in going on an adventure, Sapphire gets angry at Ruby and demands to know what he has planned. Ruby notices Sapphire's leaf bikini once and points out that it will fall off once they go underwater. Ruby presents Sapphire with a new set of clothes and states that he thinks she'd like them. After a brief pause, Sapphire puts on her new clothes and throws away the bikini.
Wallace wishes the two good luck and tells them to defeat their opponents at the Seafloor Cavern. Ruby, Sapphire, and Relo jump off of {{pDL|WailordSapphire (Adventures)|WaloLorry}} and into the water. Relo uses Dive and brings the two underwater.
The counter of the bet continues at twenty-seven days.
* [[Winona]]
* Old couple
* [[Tabitha|Mitch]] (fantasy)
* [[{{FB|Magma Admin Courtney|Marge]]Courtney}} (fantasy)
* [[Blaise]] (fantasy)
* [[Gabby and Ty|Maryann and Tyler]] (fantasy)
* {{p|Swampert}} ([[Mumu]]; Ruby's)
* {{p|Relicanth}} (Relo; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Wailord}} (WaloLorry; Sapphire's)
* {{p|Magikarp}} (Maggie; blind boy's)
* In the Chuang Yi translation, hethe [[Seafloor Cavern]] is mistakenly translated as the [[Cave of Origin]].
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