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|title=[[File:Raiders logo.png|150px]]
|expansion={{TCG|Dark Explorers}}
|image=BW5 Raiders DeckboxDeck.jpg
|types={{e|Psychic}} {{e|Darkness}}
The '''Raiders''' {{TCG|Theme Deck}} is from the {{TCG|Dark Explorers}} expansion of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] focuses on {{e|Psychic}} and {{e|Darkness}} type {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. Like other Theme Decks, Raiders includes damage counters, a silver custom coin ({{p|Zoroark}}), one two-player mat, a {{p|Cofagrigus}} deckbox and a {{TCGO}} deck access code.
==Card list==
*The non-holographicNon Holofoil version of Krookodile is exclusive to this deck.
*The holographicHolofoil version of Cofagrigus is exclusive to this deck.
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