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Legendary Collection TCG Series merchandise

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:''This page no longer includes the merchandise for the {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} Series, the {{TCG|Platinum}} Series, the {{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} Series, the {{TCG|Call of Legends}} Series, or the {{TCG|Black & White}} Series. It is progressively being phased out in favor of merchandise pages organized by Series rather than type. For merchandise from these three Series, please refer to [[:Category:Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise|this page accordingly]].''
{{-}}As well as producing unique or variant cards available at events, [[Nintendo]] has also released several varieties of promotional items in which to deliver special cards. Such mediums include [[Value packs & sets (TCG)|value packs, box sets]] and collector tins. The list below focuses on collector tins, each of which contain a promotional card and booster packs from recent Expansions. The items are listed in (roughly) chronological order and contain details of their contents.
*''{{TCG|EX Emerald}}'' booster packs (×2)
*''{{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}'' booster packs (×2)
===Spring 2007 Collector's Tins===
[[File:EXTin4_1.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2007 Collector's Tins (US)]]
[[File:EXTin4_2.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2007 Collector's Tins (UK/EU)]]
These tins were unusual as the tin designs do not match any of the promotional cards included (with the exception of Tyranitar in the UK and Europe), and the promotional cards differ depending on the country the tins were available in.
'''Promo cards:'''
*''US promotional cards:''
**{{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Chimchar|76}} (''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' 76/130)
**{{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Piplup|93}} (''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' 93/130)
**{{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Turtwig|103}} (''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' 103/130)
*''UK/EU promotional cards:''
**{{TCG ID|POP Series 1|Tyranitar ex|17}} ({{TCG|POP Series 1}} 17/17)
**{{TCG ID|POP Series 2|Celebi ex|17}} ({{TCG|POP Series 2}} 17/17)
**{{TCG ID|POP Series 3|Ho-Oh ex|17}} ({{TCG|POP Series 3}} 17/17)
*''{{TCG|EX Delta Species}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|EX Dragon Frontiers}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|EX Power Keepers}}'' booster packs (×2)
==''Diamond & Pearl'' Series releases==
===''Diamond & Pearl'' Collector's Tins===
[[File:DP-Collector-Tin-1.png|thumb|200px|right|''Diamond & Pearl'' Collector's Tins]]
These tins were the first official Collector's Tins to be released for the ''Diamond & Pearl'' Series, although previous tins had included cards from the ''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' expansion. For a time, preliminary images of these were displayed as including regular {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Torterra|17}}, {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Infernape|5}} and {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Empoleon|4}} cards, all found within the ''Diamond & Pearl'' expansion. Nearer their release, however, it was found that they included their {{TCG|Pokémon LV.X|Pokémon LV.''X''}} variants with promotional artwork instead.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Torterra LV.X|09}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 09)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Infernape LV.X|10}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 10)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Empoleon LV.X|11}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 11)
*''US contents:''
**''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster packs (×2)
**''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'' booster packs (×2)
*''UK/EU contents:''
**''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster packs (×4)
===Lucario Collector's Tin===
[[File:Tin DP Lucario.png|right|thumb|90px|Lucario Collector's Tin]]
This tin was released in September 2007 and was the first standalone tin to be released. The tin included a Japanese promotional Lucario LV.''X'' card, a reprint of the same card recently released in ''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'', released with the Visual Book for the first two ''Pokémon Card Game DP'' expansions.
'''Promotional card:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Lucario LV.X|12}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 12)
*''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'' booster packs (×3)
=== Spring 2008 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:DP-Collector-Tin-2.png|right|thumb|Spring 2008 Collector's Tins]]
These tins include both Dialga LV.''X'' and Palkia LV.''X'' promotional cards as released in Japan, as well as a new Darkrai LV.''X'' promotional card which was never released in Japan. This card uses promotional artwork used for the release of {{TCG|Secret Wonders|Shining Darkness}} in Japan.
For a limited time, the tins contained 1 of 4 {{TFG|Pokémon figure}}s from the [[Pokémon Trading Figure Game]]: either {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Pikachu|18}}, {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Charizard|1}}, {{TFG ID|Next Quest|Groudon|3}}, or {{TFG ID|Groundbreakers|Venusaur|34}}. This was the only time Venusaur was released.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Dialga LV.X|17}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 17)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Palkia LV.X|18}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 18)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Darkrai LV.X|19}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 19)
*''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' booster packs (×2)
*''{{TCG|Great Encounters}}'' booster pack (×1)
===Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins===
[[File:DiamondPearlCollectorTin4Wave1.png|right|thumb|Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins (Wave 1)]]
[[File:DiamondPearlCollectorTin4Wave2.png|right|thumb|Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins (Wave 2)]]
Instead of releasing three holiday tins, in 2008, The Pokémon Company released two waves of two tins each, thus releasing four holiday tins instead of three.
The first wave was released on September 17, 2008. These tins include promotional variants of the Mewtwo LV.''X'' and Rhyperior LV.''X'' cards released in {{TCG|Legends Awakened}}. The promotional Rhyperior LV.''X'' was never released in Japan.
The second wave was released on November 5, 2008. These tins include promotional variants of the Heatran LV.''X'' and Regigigas LV.''X'' cards released in {{TCG|Stormfront}}, released on the same day.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Mewtwo LV.X|28}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 28)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Rhyperior LV.X|29}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 29)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Regigigas LV.X|30}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 30)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Heatran LV.X|31}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 31)
*''Wave 1:''
**''{{TCG|EX Power Keepers}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''Wave 2:''
**''{{TCG|EX Dragon Frontiers}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' booster pack (×1)
**''{{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}'' booster pack (×1)
==''Platinum'' Series releases==
===Spring 2009 Collector's Tins===
[[File:PLCollectorTins.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2009 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released on March 2, 2009. Rather than including cards based entirely on an expansion, the cards are instead based on the three main legendary Pokémon featured in ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'': Dialga, Giratina Origin Forme and Shaymin Sky Forme. All three cards are reprints; however, both Giratina LV.''X'' and Shaymin LV.''X'' were created with English exclusive artwork at the time.
Prior to the release of the tins, it was announced that each would hold one figure from the [[Pokémon Trading Figure Game]]. However, the TFG was later discontinued and these plans were dropped.
'''Promo cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Dialga LV.X|37}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 37)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Giratina LV.X|38}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 38)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Shaymin LV.X|39}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 39)
*''Diamond & Pearl'' Series booster packs (×2)
*''{{TCG|Platinum}}'' booster packs (×2)
===Fall 2009 Collector's Tins===
[[File:Fall 2009 Collector's Tins.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Fall 2009 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released on September 2, 2009. They include reprints from ''{{TCG|Supreme Victors}}'', with new artwork, of three of the more popular Pokémon featured in the expansion: {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Rayquaza}} and {{p|Garchomp}}. These reprints were never released in Japan.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Charizard G LV.X|45}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 45)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Garchomp C LV.X|46}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 46)
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Rayquaza C LV.X|47}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 47)
* ''Diamond & Pearl'' Series booster pack (×1)
* ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×3)
===Arceus Collector's Tin===
[[File:Arceus Collectors Tin.jpg|right|thumb|90px|Arceus Collector's Tin]]
Originally scheduled to be released on December 2, 2009, this tin was brought forward to coincide with the release of the ''{{TCG|Platinum: Arceus|Arceus}}'' expansion on November 4, 2009. It includes a reprint of one of the three {{p|Arceus}} LV.''X'' cards from the expansion with English exclusive artwork.
'''Promotional card:'''
*{{TCG ID|DP Promo|Arceus LV.X|53}} ({{TCG|DP Black Star Promos|DP Promo}} 53)
* ''Platinum: Arceus'' booster packs (×3)
* ''Diamond & Pearl'' or ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×2)
* ''{{TCG|POP Series 9}}'' booster pack (×1)
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