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I Messages
These are all the lessons that appear in the '''Life Skills''' section of the [[Pokémon Learning League]] website. {{OBP|Quinn|Learning League}} appears in all of these lessons.
===Life Skills===
Ash and May were in a [[DoubleMulti Battle]] and they badly lost. As they argue about the battle, Team Rocket spy on them and formulate a plan to steal their Pokémon by forming battle partnerships with Ash and May separately, with Jessie (in disguise) teaming up with May, and James (also in disguise) teaming up with Ash. Max has a bad feeling about this, which later materializes as Team Rocket's plan has worked and they end up with both Pikachu and Skitty. Ash and May continue to argue, so Max calls Quinn and they learn about teamwork.
Characters that appear in this episode are:
* [[Ash's Swellow]]
====IThis Messages====episode bears some similarities to the anime episode ''[[AG072|The Bicker the Better]]''.
Ash and Quinn were talking to each other over the PokéPilot, when Max and May get into a particularly nasty argument over {{TP|May|Skitty}} who tore up one of Max's books, and mean words are exchanged. Quinn recalls similar arguments he had with his older sister, and using the PokéPilot, plays back parts of the argument and points out what Max and May could have said so they get their point across without them sounding mean to one another and how the conflict could have been resolved with "I messages".
===I Messages===
Ash and Quinn are talking to each other over the PokéPilot, when suddenly Max and May get into a particularly nasty argument over {{TP|May|Skitty}} tearing up one of Max's books, and they exchange mean words to each other. Quinn recalls having similar arguments with his older sister, and, using the PokéPilot, he plays back some parts of the argument, and points out what Max and May could have said to one another without sounding mean to each other, and how the conflict could have been resolved with "I messages".
Characters that appear in this episode are:
* [[May's Munchlax]] (flashback)
====Expressing Emotions====
May and Max are getting ready for an upcoming Pokémon Contest, as there will be many new Trainers and Coordinators there. All of a sudden, a frightened {{P|Ralts}} shows up and hides behind May. Its Trainer, a young girl, follows it and meets May and Max. The girl introduces herself as Vanessa and says that she's a new Trainer and she's having trouble with her Ralts. Max mentions that [[AG109|he's worked with a Ralts once before]]. Vanessa is impressed and says that she can't keep it from running away, getting frustrated or even from crying. Max mentions that Ralts are capable of copying the emotions of people. Vanessa wants to know how she could get Ralts to copy good emotions. Max suggest that they contact Quinn. They explain the situation to Quinn, and he suggests that in addition to telling how they feel, they also must show how they feel in a constructive empathetic manner.
It's also notable that emotional expressions used in the examples are represented by anime emotions (anger crosses, sweatdrops, etc.)
====Media Part 1: Forms of Media====
Ash and his friends, along with {{TP|May|Squirtle}} and {{TP|Brock|Forretress}} are at a [[Pokémon Center]]. They decide to call [[Professor Oak]] to ask some questions and to check on Ash's Pokémon. When they call him, the group discovers that [[DJ Mary]] is with him. They ask if they're going to air another Pokétalk show, but find out that Trainers are now watching a new show instead of training their Pokémon, or tuning into Pokétalk. The new show in question is called "The New Pokémon Training Show", and it asks the viewers to send their Pokémon in for "special training". Oak has a hunch that they're obviously up to no good. A clip of this training show is shown to the group, which stars a "Red Trainer" and a "Blue Trainer" that have scarves over their faces, and a very badly disguised "Pikachu" as proof that their training techniques work. Ash's Pikachu obviously doesn't buy it, and neither does anyone else. Professor Oak and DJ Mary say they'll try to find out more about the show and hang up. Ash decides to get to the bottom of it, but wonders how this show is affecting how people behave. They call Quinn and learn about the different forms of the media and how to be aware of their messages. Will the Trainers of [[Goldenrod City]] get the message and learn the truth of the Trainer show?
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Language Arts|Learning League}} section.
====Media Part 2: Fact or Opinion====
The episode begins right afterwhere the first part, Media Partleft 1off. Ash and his friends had come up with the idea of broadcasting their own message asking who are the Trainers behind the masks, but right when the identities of the Trainers wereare about to be revealed, their message getsabruptly sabotagedends. Part 2 begins with The New Pokémon Trainers show still airing in {{ci|Goldenrod}}. With the show cutting to a commercial advertising Puff Snacks, our heroes are obviouslynot annoyedso athappy with the new show, because not only are their messages questionable, but everyone is too busy watching the show to battle anymore. They wonder if the messages being portrayed by the show are fact or merely opinion, so they contact Quinn to learn more about this.
Characters that appear in this episode are
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Language Arts|Learning League}} section.
====Win Win Solutions====
Ash and May, along with {{TP|Ash|Phanpy}} and {{TP|May|Squirtle}}, are in a city. May spots a large jewel necklace in the window of the shop. May adores it while Ash doesn't particularly care for it at all. Ash wants to get going while May wants to look at the jewel for a little while longer. They both get into an argument over what to do next. They both realize that they won't be able to do anything if they keep arguing, so they call Quinn. He then teaches how to compromise so both sides win.
* [[Ash's Donphan|Ash's Phanpy]]
Ash and Pikachu are walking through the woods when all of a sudden, Pikachu steps on Meowth's tail by accident. Ash wonders why Meowth is all alone sulking toby himself. Meowth explains that Jessie and James were being mean to him, taking away his noodles from him and calling him a "blabbering furballed runt". He's reminded of the time when [[EP070|the otheranother Meowth ignored him for being a freak]]. He exclaims that he has no friends, everybody picks on him and nobody cares. Ash decides to help him by calling up Quinn and explainsexplaining Meowth's situation. He teaches them how to recognize bullying behavior and how to deal with it.
Characters that appear in this episode are
* Noodle Seller (not named and no speaking part)
This episode starts off with a message that if you are threatened by a bully, get help from an adult immediately, and a disclaimer saying that this episode isn't an intervention program, that it's only used to provide helpful tips on how to recognize bullying behavior and dealing with it.
During the episode, Ash mentions [[Harley]] when he talks about strength in numbers.
The noodle seller's character model is used extensively as an extra in various episodes.
====Making Friends====
Brock is in the park with a lot of people. He is trying to make friends with them, but is not doing a very good job, as he is hiding behind bushes and is yelling "Hello" to them. He ends up being completely ignored by everyone. He calls Quinn to talk about his problem, and learns how to make friends with others.
* Various extras
====Food Pyramid====
Ash is training hard with Pikachu, he decides to stop training for a bit to rest and get something to eat. He chooses a donut, but Brock wonders if he could have something better that could help his training. Ash doesn't understand what the food he eats has to do with how he trains. They call up Quinn to ask him about it. They catch him just finishing his lunch, he has a bottle of water with him. He tells Ash and Brock about his newest project: The Food Pyramid.
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Science|Learning League}} section.
====Appreciating Differences====
May and Ash are at a Contest Hall. Ash can't want for it to start, while May is feeling a bit glum. Ash asks her what's wrong, May explains that there's a Trainer telling everyone that the younger Trainers, including May, are babies who can't do well at Contests and shouldn't even try. Ash tries to console her, but May is starting to believe she isn't good enough to compete. Ash concludes that the Trainer is the one with the problem. They call Quinn to talk about appreciating differences and how judging people based on stereotypes is wrong.
The model used for the discriminating Trainer is nearly the same as May's father [[Norman]].
====Problem Solving====
May and Max are ready to give {{TP|May|Munchlax}} a rest at the [[Pokémon Center]] after a long battle, and a good thing to considering that it's so cold outside, which is unusual considering the time of year. They find out at the Pokémon Center that a freak [[{{weather conditions#blizzard|blizzard]]}} has hit the normally warm area, causing problems for the local {{P|Bellsprout}} population, who are much more used to a warm habitat. May and Max decide to help them out, but are unsure of where to start. They decide to call Quinn, who tries to teach them the six steps to a solution, but Siara also has a problem, with an explosive outcome.
Characters that appear in this episode are
* {{p|Bellsprout}}
====Goal Setting====
May has just healed her Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and is just about to leave when Nurse Joy tells her about a hot air balloon race near Saffron City in the coming week. May wants to enter with a {{P|Skitty}} balloon, and Max agrees to help out. The only catch is that she has no idea where to begin, in fact, she doesn't even know what a hot air balloon caption is called. She calls up Quinn for help on how to set goals using the SMART system.
Not surprisingly, {{TRT}} enters the Contest, but don't actually appear themselves, only their balloon.
====Peer Pressure====
May is preparing {{TP|May|Eevee|Glaceon}} for another Contest, she tells Eevee not to be discouraged about not being an evolved form, like the {{p|Espeon}} they saw earlier. An {{p|Umbreon}} shows up and May is suddenly not feeling so good about entering with just an Eevee. She wonders if she could get it to evolve into one of its many forms. Eevee doesn't seem to agree with this, but May feels like everyone else has an evolved Eevee while May doesn't. She even considers not competing in the Contest, even though they've worked so hard. She calls Quinn and learns about peer pressure, both the bad and the good kinds.
May's Eevee would eventually evolve into a {{p|Glaceon}}.
====Managing Stress====
May is preparing for a Contest, this time with Beautifly, as she has decided to use its {{M|Silver Wind}} in a unique way, but she isn't sure if she's practiced enough. Ash and Max try to make her feel better, but May is reminded of [[AG035|the time Beautifly lost to a Milotic]]. She begins to panic over the Contest. Ash and Max try to distract her, but their attempts were unsuccessful. It turns out that there ''is'' a Trainer that has entered with a Milotic. May freaks out and snaps at Ash and Max. Ash decides to contact Quinn, who gives tips on stress management.
Nurse Joy, Misty, Tracey and Brock only appear in this episode as examples of them coping with stress in some way.
====Nutrition Labels====
Ash and his friends are having a picnic at the beach before heading to the next town for another battle. After Pikachu accidentally kicks sand into Skitty's face, May decides that she needs more space. Brock joins her to train {{TP|Brock|Ludicolo}}. While they train, Max and Ash decide to eat the food they brought with them on the picnic, unbeknownst to them, Team Rocket is planning on stealing their food. Using an air puffer, they blow sand into the faces of Ash, Max and Pikachu. While they were blinded, they swipe the picnic basket and run off, with Max trying to chase them, but they get away. May and Brock hear the commotion and wonder what's going on. Max explains that Team Rocket stole all the best food, or at least the food that tasted the best. Brock explains that ingredients are what makes food good. They call up Quinn, who explains to them about nutrition labels on food packages.
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Science|Learning League}} section.
====Helping a School or Community Problem====
Ash and May are heading towards a beautiful lake that they've heard about, which is populated by {{p|Goldeen}}. When they finally get there, they find that the shoreline is full of trash. People are becoming careless with their garbage. Even Team Rocket is leaving their garbage behind. Ash and May try to tell them to pick up their trash, but they don't listen to them. Ash thinks about leaving, but May wants to do something about it. Ash agrees with her and calls up Quinn, who teaches them the steps on how to fix a big problem through the acronym CHANGE.
Characters used in the Try section are [[Nurse Joy]], [[Officer Jenny]], [[Brawly]], [[Norman]], {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Professor Oak}}.
====Good Sportsmanship====
May is competing in a [[Pokémon Contest]] with her {{TP|May|Eevee|Glaceon}} against a Trainer named Jessandra, who is really [[Jessie]] in disguise, with her {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. Seviper uses a {{m|Poison Tail}} attack, which generates cheers from the crowd. May decides to launch a counterattack, while James and Meowth plan on disrupting her. James orders {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to use {{m|Pin Missile}}, which hits Eevee from behind. May asks her Pokémon what's wrong, Eevee isn't too hurt but is feeling a bit saddened. James's deed hasn't gone un-noticed though: [[Nurse Joy]] and an extra in the audience notices it as well. While Seviper attacks with another Poison Tail, Jessandra begins to gloat. Max tells May to not to listen to her and to focus on the match. Eevee gets its confidence back and tries to attack. However, Cacnea shoots another Pin Missile from the sidelines, knocking Eevee off balance again. Jessandra insults May, and Meowth joins in. Round one is over with Jessandra as the winner, which causes her to gloat even more. May thinks about telling the judges that it's Jessandra's fault and that she should be disqualified for teasing her. Max reasons that even if she's a bad sport, doesn't mean that May should be one as well. However, May is too worked up about Jessandra to listen. Max calls Quinn up and he explains good sportsmanship to May and Max.
* {{p|Rapidash}} (Regina's)
This episode is notable in that it's the only one that actually has Pokémon battling in a real competition. It also may be the only time where Jessie won a Contest against a main character, even though she cheated. Naturally, Lilian is told of Jessandra's cheating by Nurse Joy and the extra, and the Ribbon goes to a {{p|Rapidash}} owned by Regina. James admits to using Cacnea, and Jessie yells at him,; at some point, James grabs onto her clothing, revealing themselves to be Team Rocket.
Lilian's model is somewhat off, since her hair is pointing downward instead of sideways, and her mole is missing.
====Self Esteem====
Ash, May and Max are heading towards [[Pallet Town]]. Ash and May are psyched because they're going to have a Double Battle, and Ash hopes that [[Professor Oak]] is able to see him perform. May adds that even if he wasn't there, Atat least all the new Trainers can watch him. Max wants to meet him to talk about what it takes to be a great [[Pokémon Trainer]], and hopes he didn't forget anything. May says that his memory is like a book, which gives him an idea to write a book about the experiences of Pokémon training, and of his adventures with Ash. Ash decides to use Pikachu for the battle, while May chooses Eevee. They prepare for the battle while Max writes what happens. Later on, it's revealed that both of them were sorely beaten. Max is saddened by the loss, so much so that he isn't able to write about it any longer, he even considers to change the ending. However, Ash and May don't seem to mind the loss: Ash just likes to battle while May got some great ideas for her next Contests. Max wonders how he could feel good even after a defeat like that. Ash mentions that there were times when a loss would bum them out, but then they realized that it shouldn't get them down. They call Quinn up to explain things better. He then teaches the group about Self Esteem.
Characters that appear in this episode are
* [[May's Eevee]]
====Homework Skills====
The episode starts off with [[Roxanne]] telling everyone how proud she is of how everyone is working in her Future Trainer's Workshop. She's also especially proud of Max, who didn't miss a single question on the test on Pokémon native to [[Hoenn]]. As a reward, there's a traveling Pokémon battle Team coming and the whole class are the special guests at the battle. This gets the class very excited. Later on, Max is at a drinking fountain with one of his classmates, Max is excited and talks about how they could study how Trainers train. However, his classmate wonders how he could be a Pokémon Trainer when he does poorly on his tests. Max suggests that they should talk to some real Trainers and coordinators, since that's the best way he can study. He then mentions that his sister and his friend are Trainers. A little while later, May and Ash are training with {{TP|Ash|Pikachu}} and {{TP|May|Squirtle}}. Max and his friend talk about how much preparation is done before the actual battle or Contest can begin. May and Ash meet them and Max introduces his classmate as Brent. They ask him what he knows so far, and tells them that he knows he has a long way to go. Ash and May have to continue training, so Ash suggests they call Quinn. Max follows Ash's advice and call Quinn up. Quinn shows them the new wheels for his skateboard that {{OBP|Siara|Learning League}} made. He proceeds to ride his skateboard and ends up crashing into a wall. Luckily he's wearing a helmet, so he can practice all he wants. Brent explains his problem, and Quinn gives some tips on how to study effectively.
Many of the homework examples used in the episodes are related to Pokémon, such as lists of [[Starter Pokémon]] or {{type|Water}} Pokémon.
====Dealing with Anger====
Ash and May are going to a park for a picnic, they hear something in the bushes. It turns out to be Team Rocket, who are quarreling with each other. [[Jessie]] fell into a hole and is covered in dirt and twigs. She yells at {{MTR}} for not digging the hole where she wanted it. Meowth is angry because neither Jessie or [[James]] rarely do any work and are terrible at catching Pokémon. As they squabble among each other., Ash and May agree to never fight like that, but they want to know more about how to deal with anger. They call Quinn up who explains to them how to deal with anger in a healthy way. After they're done talking. May and Ash decide to leave, but then decide to talk to Team Rocket on how they can deal with their anger.
Characters that appear in this episode are
* {{MTR}}
Ash and Brock are watching a Trainer and his {{p|Machop}} preform a {{m|DynamicPunch}}. Both of them are impressed by its intensity, by how much muscle it has and by its {{m|Karate Chop}}. Ash looks up Machop in the Pokédex, which mentions how much it trains to master all kinds of martial arts, and its unbelievable strength. Ash wishes that he were that strong, so Brock suggests that he should build up his muscles as well. So Ash decides to run for a bit to build them up. Brock then suggests that he should have something against his muscle, so Ash does some push-ups and slips. Brock mentions that he has to do more thenthan that. So they decide to call Quinn up to see if he has any advice on how to exercise properly.
Characters that appear in this episode are
This episode also appears in the {{OBP|Science|Learning League}} section.
====Giving Back====
Ash and friends are walking when a girl with a sack full of dolls passes by. As she is walking, she is blissfully unaware that the dolls are falling out of her sack. They call for her, but she only notices when {{AP|Pikachu}} calls. She explains that the dolls are for a toy drive at the local children's hospital. The girl introduces herself as Lainea. She explains that her sister is currently staying at the hospital and that her favorite Pokémon is Pikachu. They meet the nurse and she introduces them to her. They wonder what they can do to help, so they call about Quinn and learn about volunteering and giving back to the community.
* [[Brock's Sudowoodo]]
* [[Brock's Croagunk]]
* [[Brock's Chansey|Brock's Happiny]]
The dolls that Lainea has are of {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Wobbuffet}}, {{p|Munchlax}}, {{p|Eevee}}, and {{p|Phanpy}}.
PUSA supports the {{wp|Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation}}, at the end of the episode, it offers a link to their website.
====Listening Skills====
Ash and Dawn have chosen a good spot to rest in the middle of the woods at night. As they sit, Ash listens to the {{p|Hoothoot}} calling, Dawn would also love to listen, but she's far too busy thinking about her Contests. Ash decides to teach Dawn a thing or two about Pokémon training. As Ash starts talking about what it takes to be a great Trainer (Putting your Pokémon first, ensuring their happiness comes above winning competitions, etc.) Dawn is increasingly becoming distracted by thoughts about Contests. Ash becomes a little annoyed that Dawn isn't paying attention, so Dawn apologizes. So Ash decides to listen to Dawn's goals. As Dawn shows Ash [[Johanna|her mother]]'s Ribbon, it seems like Ash is also getting distracted by the Hoothoot. They realize that they are good listeners, just not to each other. So they call Quinn up and learn about listening skills.
This lesson also appears in the Language Arts section.
====Online Safety====
Ash, Dawn and Brock are preparing for another Pokémon Contest. They meet Zoey, who has her laptop open. Zoey introduces the group to a Coordinator message board. Brock mentions that they saw posters about the website. Dawn gets excited and introduces herself on the message board. She immediately gets contacted by a poster by the username of "CoolGirlTrainer", who asks if they could meet and hang out before the Contest, the poster also asks where and when she'll be there and what Pokémon Dawn will bring. They ask Zoey who "CoolGirlTrainer" is, Zoey isn't really sure who she is, but she mentions that she apparently contacts a lot of coordinators, including Zoey herself, but she hasn't replied back yet. Dawn automatically assumes that she's just a fellow coordinator who they've probably met before. Zoey mentions that nobody really know who this poster really is. Ash also isn't so sure about trusting this person, but Dawn quickly dismisses the thought and continues to chat with "CoolGirlTrainer". Ash, Zoey and Brock call Quinn and learn about how to be safe on the internetInternet.
Characters that appear in this episode are
This episode is also listed in the {{OBP|Language Arts|Learning League}} section.
Ash, Brock and Pikachu have arrived at a Pokémon Trainer Fair. Ash is really reallyvery excited because he's been looking forward to going to this eventit for months. He immediately grabs Brock and rushesgoes rushing in. Ash cuts in front of a few people that are standing in line for a certain event. Brock tries to remind himAsh to control himself, but he isdoesn't ignoredhear byhim theand overexcitedhe Ash,goes whoover has seento a booth for {{type|Flying}} Pokémon techniques. He rushesWhile towardtrying itto andget in front, he accidentally shoves a few people to get in front. Brock reminds him to get a hold of himself, which at this point, Ash realizes this and tries to calm down, but just can't. Since they have some time to wait, they decide to call Quinn and learn about the various ways of self-control.
Characters that appear in this episode are
* {{p|Munchlax}}
During the lesson, Ash see Team Rocket playing a ring toss game. The sight of them at the fair makes Ash somewhat angry, but they aren't doing anything bad at the moment. At another point of the lesson, Brock sees a Munchlax eating five sticks of cotton candy at once and gets frustrated at the sight, since he knows that Pokémon need better nutrition then that.
Ash's friends and Dawn's friendly friend/rival, Zoey, are preparing for a Pokémon Contest. Zoey has some new ideas for moves they can try out on her laptop. Meanwhile, hiddenhiding in the bushes, Team Rocket is conspiring to targetcapture Zoey's Glameow for the boss. James wants to grab it then and there, but Jessie adds that she's got all her friends and is too confident at the moment, and that they should wait until her guard is down to strike. As they spy on her, they notice that she's working on her laptop. When she sees Zoey's email address, Jessie finds the perfect way to get at her when she sees her email address. They decide to: spam her inbox with emails claiming how worthless she is and similar "bogus" messages on the coordinator message board. Then when she loses the Contest, she should give her Glameow to a more worthy coordinator: Jessieherself! Later on, Zoey is getting a bitvery frustrated because she keeps getting meannasty emails from someone she doesn't know. She decidedtries to ignore them, but they keep on coming. Ash decides to help by calling Quinn and learn about cyberbullying and how to deal with it.
Characters that appear in this episode are:
Much like the episode {{DL|Life Skills (Learning League)|Bullying}}, this episode starts off with a warning that states that you must tell a trusted adult if you or someone you know is the target of a bully.
There's a Trainer parade that's about to begin and Ash and his friends found a wonderful spot to see everything. Suddenly, a disguised Team Rocket who are in disguise show up and intentionally block the twerp'stheir view of the parade. They ignoretry theirtelling requeststhem to move, sobut Ashthey andignore histheir friendsrequests, so they decide to move to another spot. While there isn't a particularany rule against it, they felt that what they weredid was pretty rude. Suddenly some other people bump into them and they get jostled about. They call Quinn and learn about manners and how they are applied to everyday life.
Characters that appear in this episode are:
* {{p|Drifloon}} (Balloon)
At onethe pointend, an announcer announcesproclaims that someone is going to ride on the final float as the crowned Trainer. Jessie automatically assumes it's her. In her attempt to makeget herself knownnoticed, she knocks over a girl. and Dawn rushes over to her and helps her up. The announcer notices this and chooses Dawn to be the crowned Trainer. Team Rocket wonderswonder how she got chosen, and Ash just tells them that it's part of "the "code".
The girl that was knocked over shares the same character model as Laniea from {{DL|Life Skills (Learning League)|Giving Back}}.
====Episodes that appear in other sections====
Some episodes that are listed in this section may appear in other sections and may be taught by a different mission guide.
* [[Brainstorming]] (Taught by Lex)
====Episodes that are coming soon====
{{Mission Guides}}