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Legendary Collection TCG Series merchandise

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{{-}}As well as producing unique or variant cards available at events, [[Nintendo]] has also released several varieties of promotional items in which to deliver special cards. Such mediums include [[Value packs & sets (TCG)|value packs, box sets]] and collector tins. The list below focuses on collector tins, each of which contain a promotional card and booster packs from recent Expansions. The items are listed in (roughly) chronological order and contain details of their contents.
==EX Series releases==
* ''Diamond & Pearl'' or ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×2)
* ''{{TCG|POP Series 9}}'' booster pack (×1)
==''HeartGold & SoulSilver'' Series releases==
===Spring 2010 Collector's Tins===
[[File:Spring 2010 Collector's Tins.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2010 Collector's Tins]]
Along with the release of ''{{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}'' in Western regions, the first batch of tins for the ''HGSS'' series of cards were released on February 24, 2010. The tins included promotional reprints of three {{TCG|Pokémon Prime}} cards, as well as four booster packs, from the expansion.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Feraligatr|7}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 07)
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Meganium|8}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 08)
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Typhlosion|9}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 09)
* ''{{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}'' booster packs (×2)
* ''{{TCG|Platinum}}'' booster pack
* ''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' Series booster pack
===Fall 2010 Collector's Tins===
[[File:2010 Holiday tins.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Fall 2010 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released between {{TCG|Undaunted}} and {{TCG|Triumphant}}, on September 15, 2010. Rather than {{TCG|Pokémon Prime}}, these tins include promotional cards of the [[legendary beasts]] as {{Shiny}} Pokémon. They also include cards of the corresponding legendary beasts from {{TCG|Secret Wonders}}.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Raikou|19}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 19)
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Entei|20}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 20)
*{{TCG ID|HGSS Promo|Suicune|21}} ({{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Promo}} 21)
*{{TCG ID|Secret Wonders|Raikou|16}} (''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' 16/132)
*{{TCG ID|Secret Wonders|Entei|4}} (''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' 04/132)
*{{TCG ID|Secret Wonders|Suicune|19}} (''{{TCG|Secret Wonders}}'' 19/132)
* ''HeartGold & SoulSilver'' Series booster packs (×2)
* ''Diamond & Pearl'' or ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×2)
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