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It's the following day at the Ranger Union. As she is now a Top Ranger, Erma gives Kate her new Battonage Styler. Erma comments a lot of good people had graduated from Class 27: Rhythmi, Isaac, Keith, Kellyn and now Kate. She tells Kate not to investigate her Styler and therefore blow it up, Kate smiling innocently whilst hiding a screwdriver behind her back. Erma recalls how Kellyn also had a habit of getting himself into trouble at school and Barlow wonders where the top Ranger is. He asks Crawford since the two left the Vien Town Base together, Crawford assuming Kellyn must be outside. Kate offers to go and find him and heads outside. At the base of the steps, she finds Kellyn constantly capturing and releasing Pokémon although he won't tell her why. Barlow and Crawford appear behind her and ask the same question, but all Kate can say is that Kellyn has been acting like this ever since he read the Almia Times yesterday. Barlow demands an explanation out of Kellyn who has gone still and quiet, although all the top Ranger does in response is silently hold up yesterday's Almia Times. Barlow remembers the article said something about strange noises being heard from Altru Tower although they're waiting for Sven and Wendy to return from Fiore before diving into anything. He realises this response doesn't satisfy Kellyn. Kellyn tells them about Team Dim Sun's plans that were halted by himself last year, and then points to the picture and asks them what they see. Barlow responds to it being a smudge, Crawford a hair. Kate then rushes over with a magnifying glass and asks Kellyn to give her the newspaper. Kellyn flatly refuses and complains about her 'dirty hands', even when she proves they're clean. A fight breaks out between them until Kate relents and makes Kellyn hold the paper for her whilst she magnifies the 'smudge', which actually turns out to be Darkrai. Kellyn explains that Darkrai's appearance may have something to do with the darkness trying to control Pokémon again and wishes to investigate the Lumina Crystal. Kellyn attempts to leave but Barlow refuses to let him. As a heated battle of wills breaks out, Erma breaks it up and makes it an official mission for Vien Base. Kate gets excited as it will be her first mission, but Kellyn is reluctant to let her come along. Kate once again apologies for dirtying his collection and tells him they have a lot in common: both being top Rangers, having Pachirisu partners and being from Class 27. Kellyn refers to Kate as a ditz who will get in the way. Kate furiously chases after Kellyn, complaining that he could at least use her name since she's being nice to him, whilst Barlow and Crawford sweat-drop.{{spoilers}}
At the [[Ranger Union]], Chairperson [[Erma]] officially names {{ra|Kate}} a Top Ranger and hands her a Vatonage Styler. [[Barlow]] and [[Crawford]] express joy to see Kate getting such acknowledgement from Erma and state that everyone from the Base came to see it. Noting how [[Rhythmi]] is an Operator, Isaac]] is a researcher, and {{ra|Keith}} is a Ranger in another region, Erma states that Class 27 has done well for itself. Kate attempts to tinker with her new Styler, but Erma tells her not to blow it up.
AsWhen theyErma walkasks towardswhere Altru[[Kellyn]] Toweris, Kate is in a sulk at the back of the line whilst Kellyn walks a long way ahead. Barlow tellsstates herthat tohe letshould this incidentbe gohere since Kellyn has his quirks and, he mentallyleft adds,at sothe doessame she.time Heas explains Rangers work together with operators and mechanics in a team so they are never aloneCrawford. HeKate addsgoes though that there are those who choose to work alone like Kellyn. Because he can function as a mechanic, operatoroutside and Ranger all in one,finds Kellyn neverat asksthe anyonebottom forof helpthe and is never willing tostairs. ThisKate hastries ledcalling to him being highly unsocialised as a Ranger and unableout to trust most people. Barlow then changes subject and asks how Kate and Kellyn, whobut werehe bothgestures in the same class for a year, managedher to be unaware of one another's existence the whole timequiet. Kate tries to put in excuses, explaining she barely ever saw Kellyn as he wasfinds a transferwild student from Fiore{{p|Starly}} and thefires dormshis wereCapture splitDisc betweenand boys andcaptures girlsit. HoweverWhen Crawford comesasks upwhy withKellyn theis sensibleacting answerlike onethat orwhen thehe's othernot wason alwaysa suspended every day of the yearmission, Kate's reactionreveals signallingthat thisever issince true.he Whilstsaw shesomething complains they make her out to beon the worst[[Almia student everTimes]], BarlowKellyn agreeshas theirbeen teacherscapturing probablyand neverreleasing expectedPokémon themover toand both become top Rangersover.
OnWhen topBarlow ofasks Kellyn what's wrong, Kellyn brings up the latest Almia Times and shows it to him. The article describes strange noises coming from the [[Altru Tower,]]. Crawford and Barlow note that the Ranger Union has been Icenotified, Lavanabut Erma wants [[Sven]] and Heath[[Wendy]] watchto come back from Fiore before investigating it. Kellyn brings up that a year ago, the Rangers'[[Altru approachInc.]] Theywas plotjust a cover for the villainous group [[Team Dim Sun]] lead by [[Blake Hall]] who intended to use Pokémon to take downover the Rangersworld under the guidanceguise of theirfinding newa clean energy source. When Barlow points out that after Team Dim Sun's defeat, it went to being a regular company, Kellyn points to something on the leadernewspaper.
Meanwhile,Barlow theand RangersCrawford arriveare atunable theto basedetermine ofwhat is on the towernewspaper, so Kate pulls out a custom-made magnifying glass. CrawfordShe walkstells upKellyn to hand her the doorsnewspaper, commentingbut howhe quietrefuses. theKate placehas is.Kellyn Theyhold thinkup theythe haveAlmia spottedTimes Darkraiand hanginguses fromher themagnifying metalglass frame,to butenhance itthe turnsthing outKellyn tosaw beon Professorthe Hastingsnewspaper. KellynMuch impressesto everyone's byshock, capturingthe athing TogekissKellyn andsaw awas Murkrowactually tothe cutmythical andPokémon, catch{{p|Darkrai}}. ProfessorKellyn Hastings.notes Theythat helpTeam ProfessorDim HastingsSun used the Shadow Crystal to hiscontrol feetPokémon, andbut whowas explainsstopped heby onlythree camecrystals towho visitcontain Isaacits power. ButKellyn states beforethat he canbelieves explainthat whatDarkrai's hadpresences happenedmust tomean him,the adarkness Rampardosis smashesreturning thoughand thethey doormust hurry and stop it.
Kellyn attempts to go to the top of the Altru Tower to investigate, but Barlow refuses to let him go since Kellyn is still under his orders. The two get into a brief argument, but Erma comes out of the Union and asks if Kellyn is sure of what he says. Kellyn attempts to confirm his suspicious by reciting another Almia Times article, but Erma trusts his decision and makes the investigation of Altru Tower an official mission. Erma attempts to call and inform [[Professor Hastings]], but gets no answer. Barlow decides to let Kate come on the mission, much to Kellyn's displeasure. Kate gets angry and states that she already apologized for messing up his collection, but Kellyn calls her a ditz that will just get in the way. This angers Kate even further, who demands that he add a "-chan" to her name while Kellyn tells her to stop following him.
Later, the group heads towards Altru Tower. Barlow tells Kate to stop sulking and points out that Kellyn just has his odd quirks. Barlow states that Rangers never work alone and are assisted by Mechanics, who work on Stylers, Discs, and Record Machines, and Operators, who provide backup from Bases. However, since Kellyn can do the work of an Operator and Mechanic all by himself, Kellyn tends to do his work alone and has hard time trusting people. Despite this, Barlow wonders how two people in the same class could not have ever met each other. Kate tries to explain that it was because Kellyn was a transfer student from Fiore and that the dorms were split between boys and girls, Crawford assumes that it was because one or the other was just suspended constantly, causing Kate to fall to the ground. As Kate tells them to not assume that she was a terrible student, three figures watch the group from afar.
{{ra|Ice}}, expresses annoyance at seeing that the Rangers have arrived earlier than he expected. [[Lavana]] tells him that it'd be better if they get the fight over with early. [[Heath]] assumes the Rangers think that Team Dim Sun is gone without their leader, but now that they have a new one, the Rangers are wrong. They ask their new leader if what they said it correct.
Kellyn and the others arrive at the Altru Tower, which is oddly quiet. They notice a figure where Darkrai was in the Almia Times photo, but notice that it's actually Professor Hastings. Kate looks for a Pokémon that can use Fly, but Kellyn states that there is no time for that. Kellyn uses his Vatonage Styler to capture a wild {{p|Togekiss}} and has it Cut Professor Hastings from the steel frame he was hanging off of. With Starly's whirlwind, Professor Hastings is cushioned from a far fall and lands safely.
Kellyn and Kate thank the Pokémon for their help and release them back into the wild. Barlow and Crawford help Professor Hastings up and asks what he was doing up there. Professor Hastings reveals that he came to visit Isaac, but something happened when he got to the Tower. Before he can continue, a {{p|Rampardos}} appears and begins attacking.
==Major events==
* [[Kate (Ranger){{ra|Kate]]}} gets her [[Capture Styler|FineVatonage Styler]] and is named a Top Ranger.
* [[Erma]] appoints a mission to investigate an anomaly atop [[Altru Tower]] to [[Kellyn]], [[Kate (Ranger){{ra|Kate]]}}, [[Crawford]] and [[Barlow]].
* [[Kellyn]] rescues [[Professor Hastings]] from falling off of [[Altru Tower]].
* [[Team Dim Sun]] is revealed to have returned with a new leader.
* [[Erma]]
* [[Keith (Ranger){{ra|Keith]]}}
* [[Rhythmi]]
* [[Isaac (Ranger){{ra|Isaac]]}}
* [[Sinis Trio{{ra|Ice]]}}
* [[Sinis Trio|Lavana]]
* [[Sinis Trio|Heath]]
* [[Professor Hastings]]
* [[Kellyn]]
* [[Kate (Ranger){{ra|Kate]]}}
* [[Kincaid]]
* [[Barlow]]
* [[Crawford]]
* [[Sinis Trio{{ra|Ice]]}}
* [[Sinis Trio|Lavana]]
* [[Sinis Trio|Heath]]
* [[Professor Hastings]]
* {{ra|Keith}} (fantasy)
====Cameos====* [[Rhythmi]] (fantasy)
* [[Keith{{ra|Isaac}} (Rangerfantasy)|Keith]]
* [[RhythmiSven]] (fantasy)
* [[Isaac{{ra|Wendy}} (Rangerfantasy)|Isaac]]
* [[SvenBlake Hall]] (fantasy)
* [[WendyTeam (Ranger)Dim Sun|WendyTeam Dim Sun Grunts]] (fantasy)
* [[Blake Hall]]
* [[Team Dim Sun|Team Dim Sun Grunts]]
* {{p|Pachirisu}} ([[Kellyn]]'s)
* {{p|Starly}} ([[Kellyn]]'s; released)
* {{p|Togekiss}} ([[Kellyn]]'s; released)
* {{p|Pachirisu}} ({{ra|Kate}}'s)
* {{p|Makuhita}} ([[Barlow]]'s)
* {{p|Budew}} ([[Crawford]]'s)
* {{p|Rampardos}} ([[Heath]]'s)
* {{p|Froslass}} ({{ra|Ice}}'s
* {{p|Magmortar}} ([[Lavana]]'s)
* {{p|Darkrai}}
* {{p|Togekiss}}
* {{p|Rampardos}}
* {{p|Froslass}}
* {{p|Magmortar}}
* {{p|Primeape}}
* {{p|Crobat}}