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Red Rock Isle

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|caption=Map of Red Rock Isle
|episode=OctilleryMantine The OutcastOverboard!}}
'''Red Rock Isle''' (Japanese: '''赤岩島''' ''{{tt|Sekigan|Red Rock}} Isle'') is one of many small islands in the [[Whirl Islands]] archipelago. The [[Whirl Cup]] is held here, in [[Scarlet City]].
==In the anime==
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrived on Red Rock Isle isat the settingend for the anime episodes fromof ''[[EP215EP214|OctilleryMantine The OutcastOverboard!]]'', towhen ''[[EP218|Plantthey were Ittaken Now...there Diglettby Later[[Luka]]''.
It was the setting for the anime episodes from ''[[EP215|Octillery The Outcast]]'' to ''[[EP218|Plant It Now... Diglett Later]]''.
The events of ''[[EP215|Octillery The Outcast]]'', ''[[EP216|Dueling Heroes]]'', and ''[[EP217|The Perfect Match!]]'' follow the annual Whirl Cup competition.
In, ''[[EP218|Plant It Now... Diglett Later]]'' takesAsh placeand inhis friends visited [[Diglett Village]],. and seesDuring the mainepisode, charactersthey protectingtried to protect the older residents of the town from a group of thieves who are attempting to steal the town's [[Diglett]] upon which the local economy is based, only to find out the thieves were the children of the older residents and were trying to help their parents.